Does Your Social Profiles Reflect Your Personal Brand?

Does Your Social Profiles Reflect Your Personal Brand?

A couple of years ago, social media websites were a just great source of pleasure and a means of connecting with friends. In recent years, however, social media has grown a heaven for marketing, sales, and building connections with like-minded people.

If your work is in any way relevant to Digital Marketing, your appearance on social media sites is a requirement. Here are some tips that will help you to enhance your personal brand on these sites.

First of all, stop promoting your company as you are your company. If you are developing, your business is growing. If your company is growing, you are developing as well. Moreover, social media sites are all about networking making real relationships rather than just having numerous of people on your friend’s record or in your circle.

If you are among those who are cautious of going public, or if you are a narcissist who is afraid of having a robust online presence, you have to clear that mindset.

Accept and appreciate the significance of your social media presence. Here is a helpful guide to getting started with developing a social media presence.

If you come into the other category of online users who have profiles on all influential social media networks, but those profiles are idle and of no useful result for your business, this post will assist you to understand how you can:

  • Develop your personal brand.
  • Make those sites manage for you.

How To Start With Personal Branding On Social Media Platforms:

Before I give my list, here is one idea that you should know:
Not having a profile at all is better than having an unfinished profile or a profile containing misinformation.

Your profile is the source of your personal branding process. Take time to create that outline in such a process that it will serve you well for a long time to come.

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Here are a few ideas to get you started with the task of creating your profile:

  • Try to keep it precise and compact. Ensure that people can understand you, see your personality through your words, and certainly, understand what you have to contribute.

For example:

  • Excited about adventure sports
  • Specific motivational speaker
  • Passionate internet marketer
  • Full-time blogger

The intros/profiles above are good for Twitter profiles, but when you are writing your “About” section on added platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Plus, you have more scope, and you should spice it up with more details.
You can keep it secret or make it professional, depending on your character and your goals.
Eventually, you should do three things:

  • Show your best and most impressive side.
  • Leave an idea that causes people to remember you.
  • Be exceptional and be unique!

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Let’s Begun Building your Personal Brand:

Building Your Personal Brand SML
If you have not yet selected the right model for your profile picture, let’s begin there.

  • Work on getting the conventional “mug-shot” type picture of yourself and keep it skillful on your desktop with a name like “profile photo” so that you can obtain it to use as necessary.
  • One reason for using a genuine strong image of yourself (or your brand) is the fact that people have greater remembrance based on images. This is instant brand identification when they see an update from an individual on their social media timeline.
  • A rule of thumb here is to utilize the same image across all platforms to strengthen and enhance your personal brand and presence.
  • If you are using various images, it will be extremely harder (and much less likely) for you and your brand to be recognized.

Now that you have your bio and images set, it’s time to follow the tips below to prepare the most out of your social media presence.

  • Make a record of social-media sites where you require to be.
  • There are countless sites where you can discover an online presence, but there are only a few sites where you require to be active at least once a day. The sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn.
  • Establish a sole handle for use across all platforms, Just as it is important to have a different and memorable image across all platforms, it is equally important to have a unique handle across all social media platforms that you use.
  • Personal branding, You can create your brand’s digital appearance for the rest of your life. You know best what kind of impact you want to leave and what kind of presence you want to support for the long term.

Here’s few personal branding pros and the design schemes they use:

Joe Pulizzi,

The founder of the Content Marketing Institute, positions himself as a content marketing evangelist, author, and leader of the content marketing movement.He uses the color orange to create attention for his personal brand. Joe also always carries this color, whether he’s speaking at a conversation or doing an interview for radio.

You’ll also find all of his most commonly used social media profile links on his home page. This signals to Google that Joe is the one who practices those platforms, and Google ranks his profiles. Therefore when someone searches for his name. Joe is a personal branding genius and regularly addresses the topic.

Jasmine Batra,

She is a public speaker, digital futurist, and founder of Arrow Digital. She places herself as Australia’s most esteemed online marketing strategist, and this statement is clearly visible on the homepage. You’ll also find links to her social media profiles. She uses the equivalent profile images beyond all of her social media channels. Her trademark color sets her apart from the competition because people are more inclined to remember unusual and pleasing colors.

Hope you are now prepared to set Social Profiles that reflect your Personal Brand.


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