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Elite Site Optimizer is the comprehensive solution for helping you maximize the SEO value of the content you publish. Our extensive set of SEO tools helps you research commonly-searched keywords to use to associate your web pages with what people are searching for, monitor the performance of your most popular articles, and optimize your content for readability and viewer engagement. Solve the problems that hold you back from building a thriving audience through organic search traffic.

ESO’s automated tools save you the time spent manually searching for SEO issues and recommend the best way to repair them quickly. ESO also helps you learn what kinds of issues have negative SEO impacts and how you can improve on them when creating future pages. 

Crawl Millions of URLs to Find SEO Issues

When checking for on-page issues and auditing your website, Elite Site Optimizer crawls every page extensively instead of only going surface-level like search engines. Find all on-page issues on your website and download them to a tabular format to track and fix. The Link Checker goes 10 levels deep to validate all links. 

Resolving Issue-06
Boost Your Page SEO by Resolving Issues

ESO checks for duplicated, missing, mismatched, or invalid HTML elements, broken links, missing H1 tags, and missing image metadata. The On-Page Issue and Link Checker bring all common issues to your attention with suggestions to fix them. 

Internal Links-04
Optimize Internal Links for Engagement

Keep visitors browsing your website longer through better links. Get a report of all the internal links on your website and their location including anchor text. Stay aware of the status of both functional and non-functional links. Avoid losing track of outdated pages as the site’s structure evolves. 

Non Performing Pages-07
Check for Content Quality & Revise Non-performing Pages

Let us rate your text content quality with a readability score, active vs. passive voice usage, and word count per page and per paragraph to get the optimal amount of content and avoid unreadable blocks of text. More readable content reduces the bounce rate on a page. Apply analytics to find non-performing pages. 

Compresshive Audit-05
Comprehensive SEO Audit of Your Articles and Content Pages

Get an audit of all the SEO issues on your pages. View your SEO status with easy-to-understand charts and tables listing current issues from highest to lowest priority so you can organize the process of improving your on-page SEO. 

Gramatical Conent-08
Produce Correctly-Spelled and Grammatical Content

Check for spelling and grammar errors on individual pages or in bulk on a list of URLs. Learn how many errors are on each page and get suggested corrections. Correcting spelling and grammar mistakes makes your content appear more professional and authoritative, assuring readers of its quality.

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Amp Compliant-09
Ensure Pages are AMP-Compliant

AMP-compliant pages can be delivered on mobile devices more quickly due to using minimal complex CSS and Javascript elements. ESO can find issues related to AMP and suggest solutions. AMP-compliant pages give a better user experience and load web pages faster, making this a valuable tool for enhancing mobile-friendly sites. 

Mobile pages-12
Optimize Pages for Mobile Users

ESO finds out if your website is as mobile-friendly as it can be. Does it use responsive design to improve mobile user experience, which is highly recommended to meet the needs of modern users? The tool checks for text compression of HTML, CSS, and Javascript so they can transfer over a network more quickly. 

Seo Report-10
Get Segment-based SEO reports

Visualize all of the SEO reports, KPIs, and key metrics for different segments of your website using the segment filter in the dashboard. The segment filter gives you the insight data, key metrics, and more for whichever group of pages are assigned to the segment. You can perform SEO analysis on each section of the website.

Validate Structured Data to get Featured Snippets on Google

ESO validates all forms of schema markup supported by Google. Structured data helps search engines interpret and categorize the context of a specified term within HTML text. Invalid schema can keep search engines from understanding the category of content that can be found on your page and supplies content for featured snippets.

Generate Sitemap-11
Generate Sitemaps to Boost Content Discovery

Sitemaps help search engines index your site and ensure your most important pages can be discovered, but they can quickly fall out of date if maintained manually. ESO can instantly generate XML, HTML, Image, and Video Sitemaps that can be added to the site and updated as new pages are added. 

Regression SEO check to support bulk and frequent content updates

Easily run a regression check to compare the production site to a staging server or a historical version of a page. Quickly confirm that a new version yields better search engine rankings. If your staging website has protected access, ESO can still access it if whitelisted or given credentials. 

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