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Get Market Research and Analytics Presented Clearly with Elite Site Optimizer

Elite Site Optimizer is a valuable tool for digital marketing agencies, enabling them to research and track key metrics for search engine ranking performance and present their analysis to their clients using clean, orderly reports. Our top-of-the-line keyword rank analysis lets you track the success of your campaigns over time to demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.  With comprehensive SEO and link audits, you can identify the performance strategies to boost your client’s site and drive more traffic to them.  All of ESO’s analytics can easily be transferred to intuitive, professional-looking reports you’ll be proud to share.

Get White-Label SEO Reports for Your Clients

All of our reports can be downloaded as PDFs and shared with your clients. We provide white-label services, so you can use your own branding on the analysis you produce using our tools. 

Create a Customized SEO Dashboard

Elite Site Optimizer’s SEO Dashboard is your front page for an overview of all pending SEO issues and analytics reports. If any of Elite Site Optimizer’s numerous features and tools aren’t relevant to your current efforts or you want to highlight certain metrics to your clients, it’s simple to reorganize the Dashboard and hide unneeded features from view. 

Receive Scheduled Email Reports

You can set up weekly or monthly reports that get emailed directly to one or more addresses so you can stay on top of changes in web analytics. Email reports make it easy to monitor multiple clients at once rather than having to manually inspect each one on a regular basis. 

Request Site Crawls at Your Convenience

If you need up-to-date information on SEO issues right now, you can request a crawl of on-page data at any time. Whenever the site updates, it may introduce new issues that need to be discovered and addressed quickly, making instant crawl requests a necessity for your agency. 

Manage Client Accounts with User Delegation

Elite Site Optimizer’s user accounts support user delegation so agencies can easily manage their clients’ accounts. Giving permissions to others is built into ESO’s system so multiple users can make use of client analytics data and transfer credentials to teams tasked with research and analysis assignments. 

Set-Top Action Items and Prioritize Effectively

ESO lets you set high, medium, and low priority tasks that need to be completed so you can easily organize your time and assign projects to different teams. Get a report on the top action items that are pending so you can address SEO issues for your clients in the most efficient manner. 

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Keyword Research-10
Intuitive Keyword Research Interface

Perform keyword research for all of a target website’s most important pages. Learn the most common keywords currently driving organic or paid traffic to a page or include your own custom keywords that you want to target. You can separate branded and non-branded keywords for detailed research. 

Link Audit-11
Get a Complete SEO & Link Audit

On-page issues can lead to negative SEO impacts that make it harder to discover a website. Perform an automated audit of all SEO issues and use the Link Checker to find broken and misdirected links, ensuring that there are no barriers to gaining organic search engine traffic.

Rank trend-12
Rank Trend Analysis

ESO can monitor trends over time in keyword search rank, enabling you to track rise and fall in search rank. This is the perfect tool to determine the effectiveness of your paid ad campaigns, SEO marketing, and link building to drive traffic to your clients’ pages. 

Instantly Generate Sitemaps

Sitemaps can help search engines index your clients’ websites and improve navigation, but they can quickly fall out of date if maintained manually. ESO can instantly generate XML, HTML, Image, and Video Sitemaps that can be added to the site and updated as new pages are added.

Monitor Competitor-15
Monitor Competitor Ranking

Enter competitor websites and find out what non-branded keywords bring customers to them so you can find ways for your clients to match them and rise in the search ranking. Using competitor research, you can build a profile of your target audience and better understand exactly what they are looking for.

Conent Automatically-14
Audit Website Content Automatically

ESO makes it easy to audit a page or a whole site for content as well as technical SEO. Check for proper use of headings and paragraphs, check for spelling and grammar errors, and get a readability score to make sure content is easy to understand. 

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