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Optimize Your Blog for Organic Search Traffic

If you want to grow your audience and drive traffic to your website without spending money and effort on marketing, improving your SEO is the way to go. We know the strategies for websites to increase their search engine rankings by optimizing their technical SEO, web page performance, and content quality. 

Elite Site Optimizer doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge to use and you can customize your SEO dashboard to help you with the SEO elements you value most highly, while focusing on the content that makes your webpages more successful in the rankings..

Blog Content Quality Check

Your content is your most valuable resource; audit it for readability, spelling, grammar, and length of paragraphs and posts. The Content Audit lets you know if your content is hard to understand or is formatted unprofessionally, which could hurt your ability to grow your audience. 

Check For Non-Functioning Blog Links

Internal links that are broken or direct the visitor to the wrong page get in the way of navigation, while unneeded redirects cause search engine bots to crawl less of the site. Check pages in bulk for all internal link issues so you can fix them and use the most up-to-date links. 

Active Voice Check

Content written in the active voice can be understood more easily and communicates more directly with the audience than passive voice. ESO checks each sentence for active or passive voice and reports on whether the web page overuses the passive voice in a way that hurts the clarity of the content. 

Structured Data/Rich Snippets Check

ESO validates all structured data according to schema.org standards to fix invalid forms. Structured data lets you categorize your content so search engines can interpret it better, and helps them create featured snippets on search engine results pages. 

Keyword Research for Content Topics

Researching the most valuable keywords to target can guide you in writing SEO-optimized content to attract search engine traffic for your website. ESO makes it easy to analyze the most appropriate and highly-searched keywords related to any given topic.

Metadata Optimization with On-page Crawl Data

Make sure all your pages use title and description tags, H1 tags, and image metadata to enhance their searchability, utilizing keywords appropriate to the content. ESO’s on-page crawl data identifies any invalid metadata so you can correct misused tags. 

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Optimize Images Based on Performance Audit

ESO helps you make images optimized for performance and SEO. Including all available image metadata such as alt-text and captions helps search engines, while quick-loading, responsive, and scaled images are friendly to users of all devices.

Featured Snippets SERP Tracking for Long-tail Keywords

Targeting long-tail keywords is a valuable strategy since they relate to specific queries from searchers. ESO helps you track the performance of your pages for long tail keywords and whether your pages are in the featured position in search results displays a rich snippet directly addressing the query.

Check for Mobile-friendliness and Responsiveness

ESO checks for mobile-friendliness and responsiveness to devices with different-sized screens, which is essential to keep up with the dominance of mobile web traffic in searches and browsing. If your website can be made more mobile-friendly, ESO identifies obstacles for you to correct. 

Sitemap update for new blog topics

Sitemaps help search engines index the most important pages on your website and improve navigation, but they quickly fall out of date with frequent posts. ESO’s sitemap generator can create up-to-date sitemaps containing every page on your website instantly so your XML, HTML, image, and video sitemaps are accurate. 

Traffic Analytics for Blog Content

Analyze the success of your blog content with various traffic metrics. Unique pageviews are only the start; ESO can deliver valuable user engagement statistics, identify your most popular pages, and show trends in popularity over time. 

SERP Rank Monitoring for Preferred Blog Pages

Focus on a few high-performing pages and you can set up the Rank Analysis tool to monitor them for drops in search engine ranking. Learn what other pages are competing with them and learn how to match them and maintain a strong SERP position. 

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