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Make Your Restaurant’s Online Presence Stand Out

Online searches play a huge role in driving new customers to your restaurant. Great local SEO can determine which restaurant is listed first when someone searches “Italian food” online. If you want to reach the top of keyword searches, you need to optimize your web presence and get trustworthy analytics. 

Elite Site Optimizer is an accessible, powerful solution for restaurants wanting to use their online presence to attract local business traffic. Forming an SEO strategy designed around increasing your visibility to potential customers is made easier when you have access to the metrics and reports we provide. 

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Optimize Content for Local SEO Strategies

With our keyword research tools, get data on what keywords are driving local SEO traffic, such as those related to the neighborhood, city, or region. Once you implement keywords on your site, monitor pages for changes in traffic. You can sort search results by location. 

Featured Snippet Keywords Tracking

Elite Site Optimizer supports tracking your domain if it holds the SERP’s featured position and displays your content in a snippet on the SERP. Track how many of your pages hold featured positions for keywords you’re targeting and whether they stay in a valuable position.

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Add and Validate Important Structured Data

ESO’s Schema Validator ensures your structured data is working as intended, helping search engines categorize your content so you can highlight your menu, reviews, and recipes on search results and present your content as featured snippets on the SERP. 

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Optimize Content for Local Audiences

The Content Audit checks for good spelling and grammar, readability, active voice, and formatting to make sure audiences checking out your restaurant are interested in visiting. Verify that it supports social media integration using Open Graph tags and Twitter Cards so local customers can share your content with others.

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Perform Keyword Research and Get Visibility Score

Keyword research helps you find what terms are searched most commonly in your area and which niche keywords can be targeted to place your well-optimized pages in the top 10 search results. The Rank Checker tool can provide a visibility score based on the rank positions that your web page acquired for individual keywords or overall.

Optimize Images with On-page Crawl Data

ESO helps you make images optimized for performance and SEO. Including all available image metadata such as alt-text and captions helps search engines, while quick-loading, responsive, and scaled images are friendly to users of all devices. Including geotagging data can help direct local users to the website.

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Perform Rank analysis on Pages and Keywords

Track your most important pages and see if they rank highly in search engine results for keywords related to their content. See how many pages are on the first page of search results and rank your overall visibility score.

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Track Search Queries to Focus on Your Audience

Study the search queries that bring customers to your restaurant’s website, letting you target your audience much more effectively using this information. Design web page content around what your audience is searching for.

Track Link Errors and Website Performance

Make sure your website experience gives a favorable impression to customers. ESO’s tools can find all broken and misdirected links so you can fix them, and measure your website’s speed, performance, and code quality to find room for improvement. 

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Analyze Social Media and Referral Sources

Track the source of visitors who come through referral links from external sites, including social media. Make sure your content addresses the subject of the link anchor text and the page linked includes a call to action leading to your online menu or directions to your location.

Brand Reputation-14
Track Branded Keywords for Reputation Management

Keywords can be sorted into branded and non-branded. Check your branded keywords to see how customers are searching for your restaurant in particular, and take action to improve the visibility of your brand online. 

Mobile Friendly-17
Mobile-friendly Website Check

With a majority of browsers using mobile devices, use ESO to check for the mobile-friendliness of your website. Make sure mobile users can connect your address to mapping apps and they can quickly reach your customer support and contact information.

SEO services for Restaurants

ESO offers additional SEO services tailored for a restaurant’s web presence, including:
  • Verifying that your website’s address and hours of operation are displayed in Google Maps and Search.
  • Ensuring that your address and website are listed in local business directories.
  • Connecting on multiple social media platforms to include your business details on all available platforms.
  • Researching and recommending the best search keywords to use in your website content
  • Highlighting your reviews and ratings online so customers can see your restaurant’s quality.
  • Optimizing your About page to share personal stories about the people who make your restaurant succeed.

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