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Elite Site Optimizer is the perfect web crawling & SEO tool for many eCommerce websites. Some common examples of Elite Site Optimizer's assistance to eCommerce websites include finding competitors’ positions for niche keywords, monitoring website SEO health, and issues, validating link issues, periodically auditing technical SEO of websites, checking load and speed performance of the websites, validating schema markup and reviewing rich snippets, generating the image, video, and XML sitemaps, checking competitors’ on-page data and strategy, and identifying visitor traffic opportunities

Check out how Elite Site Optimizer can help eCommerce websites:

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Check search engine bot accessibility

Check if the eCommerce website has proper URL structure, make sure it’s accessible to search engine spiders, check site architecture, analyze and fix issues using inbound & outbound links,  and create a report for each URL. Get to know how the site’s customers feel by auditing User Experience and Accessibility scores.

Identify & fix link issues

404 page not found error pages or server error links make a bad impression not only to customers but to search engines. Track and monitor 404 or Server error links directly from your email inbox daily as they appear and fix them before your customers see them. Check the status of redirection links to confirm that they guide your customers to the right new information pages.

Find niche product keywords

Keyword research helps to find niche product keywords both from the website & its competitors. Get keyword suggestions using Search: suggest a feature and the keyword research gives details including competition score, keyword search volume, and last 12-month search volume trend, which helps to compete your products with the right keywords to reach the right customers.

Validate and Review Rich snippets & Schema markups

Schema Markup is the new buzz in the Search Engine world that helps to boost rankings and increase traffic to eCommerce web pages quickly yet ethically. Validate Google Rich Snippets of all the product pages like reviews, ratings, price information, fact sheets, questions & answers, product demonstration videos, and more with Schema Validator. Fix the schema markup property issues using validator guides.

Optimize & fix on-page SEO

Monitor product pages, collection pages, and landing pages for on-page SEO issues like missing title, missing ALT, missing H1, missing or mismatched canonical tags, duplicate title, duplicate H1, multiple H1, pagination directives, etc. Identify, analyze, fix, and improve SEO factors for important pages in search engines.

Spell-check the product & catalog pages regularly

The inappropriate spelling of the product data on a web page will turn your buyers away. ESO's comprehensive Spell Checker monitors for any misspelled words and quickly suggests corrections to fix spelling errors on each web page. Fixing spelling errors will enhance the user experience and customer engagement on the web site and helps turn them into a buyer.

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Ensure website updates don't affect SEO

With the help of the regression check, keep track of on-page SEO issues and compare your QA environment versus the live site or a newly-launched site against the previous deployment. Compare versions quickly for on-page SEO issues that may arise, giving you the information needed to make the strategic decision to issue fixes and save the business from bigger SEO impacts.

Measure product keywords position in local and mobile searches

Track search rank positions of the product keywords for local searches and mobile searches. Check for which pages on your site are ranked, whether the preferred product or collection page or for some other pages, using trend changes reporting. Compare your site’s positions with those of your competitors and define your SEO content strategy.

Track External links

The External Link Checker will check all the references in the external links on each product page. Get to know the top linking domains, identify anchor texts, and analyze these external links for any toxic or inappropriate links that impact the product page’s SEO values so they may be removed.

Opportunities: Find out how your customers are searching for you

With search queries, identify which terms the customers use to find your products in search engines. Check out the top-performing product pages and improve them by adding more strategic content to top-performing pages to bring more visitors and customers. Evaluate how many more visitors are needed for your web site to be a pioneer.

Guide Search Engines to crawl right pages

Generate sitemaps of multiple files and create an index sitemap, ideal for eCommerce websites with larger product catalog pages. Improve the visibility of product images in SERP using the image sitemap generator. Boost product & demonstration videos to a higher rank using a video sitemap generator. Reduce the crawl budget by guiding search engine bots to crawl the most important pages.

Brand-named keywords performance

Check out how your brand-named keywords impact the traffic driven to your website compared to non-branded keywords. Redefine your brand visibility strategy by combining branded terms with the best performing non-branded keywords and optimize your web pages.

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