Six Proven Social Media Marketing Lessons to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Six Proven Social Media Marketing Lessons to Grow Your Business Exponentially

It is a fact that social media has changed the marketing world for the better and your business should already have some kind of social media presence to market your products, build your brand, and spread awareness. If you are new to social media, here are 6 social media marketing lessons that will help you grow your business exponentially.

Lesson 1 – Taking courageous actions

Being courageous in social media marketing is being bold and daring in advertising your products and services online and having the conviction to back up your marketing campaigns with facts and information that will convince people that you are the real deal.

Lesson 2 – Thinking out of the box

To “Think outside the Box” is to be creative. Most people love creativity as they appreciate unique ideas that pique their interests and even their imaginations. As the online marketing world seems to be evolving, people are becoming more and more creative in their marketing campaigns. They are using all the newest and greatest technology in creating applications, games, and videos that all advertise their business in multiple platforms. The technology is available at your disposal. It is simply up to you to decide which platforms to utilize and how to utilize them to your social media marketing activities.

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Lesson 3 – Identify your strengths

A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis strategy is a great way to identify your strengths as a business. By listing these down and discussing them with your team members, this will help you to identify a sustainable niche for your business. You can also use this to exploit the most relevant opportunities online and use them to better your position in the marketplace. Finally, as you have already identified your threats, you can prevent these from taking you by surprise.

Lesson 4 – Identifying what marketing strategy to follow

When creating a social media marketing strategy, you may need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who should manage your social accounts? Consider delegating this task to a team member ideally with some or a lot of marketing experience.
  • What is your business aiming to achieve through social media? This is to identify whether you want to use social media to gain exposure, interact with your consumers, or for promotional purposes.
  • Should your company have a presence on all social media networks? This will help you determine how aggressive you want your business to utilize social media.
  • How often should you post content? It is good practice to post about 2 to 5 times day as these numbers will keep your business visible on the networks throughout the entire day.
  • How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns? Online tools such as Google Analytics can help identify how effective your marketing efforts are via its extensive metrics system. Through this program you will see statistics such as amount of online traffic, amount of people talking about your business, interaction rate, and more.

Lesson 5 – Constantly reviewing performance

Constantly reviewing the performance of your social media marketing efforts is a great way to tweak certain aspects of your campaign that need improvement. You can also prevent negative posts about your brand by regularly interacting with followers.

Lesson 6 – Overcoming 3rd party traps

By constantly monitoring the progress of your social media marketing efforts, you will also be able to observe all the negative chatter about your brand. People actually use this negative chatter as a tool to spread negativity about your business. Some of these people may be enemies, direct competitors, and former employees. To eliminate this 3rd part type of trap, simply keep monitoring and interacting with followers, even those who try to bring your brand down.

To those looking to secure a future in social media marketing, follow these 6 tips and you will develop the skill sets that Marketing gurus have.


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