5 Steps to a Successful Website Audit

May 18,2018  |
5 Steps to a Successful Website Audit
Tips for Performing a Successful Website Audit

As a businessperson, you should have a well-designed website to market and communicate with your customers and prospects across the world. However, it is advisable to ensure that your site meets certain requirements before starting an internet marketing campaign. Performance issues can affect business revenue negatively. Additionally, you need to check and fix website errors because they affect SEO performance. Regardless of the amount of money you invest and your efforts, you cannot succeed in your marketing campaigns if you fail to assess and fix the problems affecting your website. It is advisable to ensure that your site gets promoted to avoid spending time and your hard-earned money in vain. Using a perfect site audit tool, you can easily identify website errors and gather resources to fix them. Eliminating website errors improves its health and brings more traffic. This guide provides essential tips for performing a successful online site audit.

Check the Speed of Your Site

Speed is a crucial factor that determines the performance of a website. If your website is slow, Google and other popular search engines will lower it because they value the internet users. Additionally, you need to understand that users get disappointed with slow sites. If you want to drive more traffic to your website, you must ensure that its speed is excellent. Graphic elements and hosting services are some of the common factors that affect the speed of a site. Therefore, to avoid losing loyal customers, you must perform website audit regularly. This step will enable you to identify issues affecting the speed of your site and fix them in time to enhance efficiency.

Usability Audit

If you want your website to be persuasive and helpful to visitors, you must conduct user experience audit. The users should use the shortest time possible to get what they want on your website. Therefore, you have to ensure that the design and features used to develop your site are user-friendly. Your website should have easy-to-use and straightforward navigation menus.

Content Audit

It is advisable to perform the content audit at least twice per year. On the homepage, you should post some texts to welcome users. The texts should have at least one keyword. However, the most important thing is to ensure that your content can be read naturally by your visitors. Informative and helpful content is essential for every website because it plays a significant role in building relationships and enhancing online visibility. Moreover, good content adds value to the lives of your potential customers and demonstrates your ability and willingness to help people.

Social Media and On-Page SEO Audit

In this new era, your business cannot succeed without social media. Therefore, as a businessperson, you should not neglect social media. When performing website audit, you have to make sure the social media buttons on your website are functional. Your presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ is essential for the growth of your business. Additionally, you should conduct on-page SEO audit to enhance the performance of your site. You should ensure that your online site is optimized for major search engines.

Communicate Your Successes

After checking the above features of your website, you need to fix errors to improve its performance. After completing a batch of significant improvements, the KPIs of your business will improve. When fixing errors, you should prioritize on the ones that impact your business. This will demonstrate your success as a businessperson.

It is advisable to hire experienced SEO services to audit your website. The experts will identify issues that make your site slow and fix them professionally. A well-designed website will have more traffic than a poorly designed one. A comprehensive site audit requires resources, hard work, and commitment.


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