Growing up, we are always told not to steal from people. The same goes for your content. This is not the time when you could steal someone’s writing work and get a good rank in academics or search engines. 

Plagiarism is one of the biggest and most common issues for webmasters. Plagiarism means copying someone’s content and posting it on your website, social media, blogs, and other places without giving credit to the owner. Note that paraphrasing is also similar to plagiarism, although you don’t post the content as it is, you change the wordings of the articles and re-write what’s already researched by another publisher. 

Here’s why you must Avoid Plagiarism.

  • It Affects Your Authority

Your customers will not stay on your website if you publish copied content, let alone make a purchase. That’s because plagiarism affects your reputation, as an author. You are not a reputable author if you copy someone else’s ideas and use them without giving credit to the real owner.

Representing others’ work as your own is not a way to gain customers’ trust. In fact, there’s a good chance you will end up losing your dignity by plagiarizing your work. If you want to appear as an authority figure, you need to publish 100% original content.

  • It Affects Your Search Rankings

Google has strictly prohibited copied content. You can’t publish plagiarized content without the consent of the actual owner or without citations. You can mention a quote, phrase, or news, but not without citation. Google bots do not index copied content. And, if you keep publishing copied work, chances are Google will penalize you. 

This can hurt your website ranking. Google bots are pretty good at detecting plagiarism. If you think you can publish copied content and get away with it, you are wrong. 

Avoid Plagiarism

  • No Visitors and High Bounce Rate

Your audience visits your website to learn more about your services and get a better idea of how certain products can help solve their pain points. They will stick around if they find your blog useful. Viewers read blogs that have new and informative content.

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Posting the content that’s already published on the internet doesn’t make your website unique. There’s no reason why your customers should stay on your page when you don’t have anything unique to tell your audience. Even if someone visits your website, they are highly unlikely to stay if they check your content on a plagiarism checker website

  • It is Unethical

As mentioned earlier, stealing is always a bad idea - whether it is a product or service. You can’t publish someone’s ideas on your pages unless they give you consent or sell this content to you. It is better to hire a professional content writer who’s capable of delivering original work, instead of publishing copied content. 

  • It Can Get You in Legal Trouble

In addition to hurting your SEO ranking, plagiarized content can lead to penalties and lawsuits. If the owner discovers that you are stealing their work, chances are they will sue you for using their content without giving credit. This is highly likely to occur if you copy content from a high-authority website. The last thing you want is to face legal penalties just because you couldn’t publish original content. 


Find the best plagiarism tool on the internet and run each article on the tool before publishing it. Make a habit of citing sources if you are taking content from other websites. These steps will protect your authority and help you maintain integrity. It will also improve your search engine ranking.


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