Guest Post Outreach Guidelines and Unnatural Spams


Guest blogging is one of the easiest and effective ways to get your brand and services in front of a batch of a new audience. Despite being a traditional practice, guest blogging is still considered an effective off-page SEO strategy for businesses. 

In order to improve your traffic and content visibility, you will need to research the competitor's websites and the ones that are doing well in search engines. Many webmasters use guest blogging to grow their audience. But, it doesn't bring any change to their web metrics. This is because guest blogging works only when you research the website and publish a high-quality piece of content on a reputable and high-authority website.

The higher the website ranks in search engines, the more valuable it is to your target audience. But, that also makes it hard for people to approach the editor of the website and get their pitch noticed. Here we've mentioned a few tips that will help simplify the process:

Find and Research the Website

The first step is to build a list of the websites that receive substantial traffic. Make sure you research the websites that offer the same services or products as your website. In other words, it must have a similar niche as your website.

You can use guest post outreach tools to find your competitors that follow the same niche but have a larger and organic audience. The second step is to see if the website allows guest blogs. Not every website accepts guest blogs. Fortunately, most webmasters accept these posts as it is a wonderful way to update a website and post fresh content. 

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Craft a Pitch

Read the guest post publishing guidelines. If the website accepts the guest post, then they must also have mentioned the writing and publishing criteria. For instance, some websites accept guest posts above 1000 words only. And, these posts have to be informative. 

The quality of your pitch will decide if your email gets noticed by the editor or not. Do not rely on the blogger outreach templates to craft a pitch. If your pitch doesn’t sound personalized, there is a good chance it will get lost in the editor’s email. 

For a better impression, try to attach a few samples of previous work that showcases your writing skills. Choose an interesting subject that catches the readers’ attention instantly. Do not talk about your experience, website, and guest blog ideas only. Let them know how your content can prove beneficial for their website. You could also offer a long-term partnership.

Unnatural or Spam Links 

Do you know any link that is used to improve your ranking in search engines is considered a spam link by Google? There is no denying that the guest post is still a reliable way of reaching out to a wider and target audience. But, as we have mentioned above, it doesn't work the same for every website.

Many webmasters end up violating Google’s guidelines. Everyone knows that buying and selling links indicate unnatural spam. If you purchase a link just to boost your SERP ranking, then know that search engines will easily detect the spam links and penalize your website. In some cases, Google takes your website down for link spamming. Even the links you receive from genuine and reputable websites that are being operated by humans have the potential to violate the search engines' backlink guidelines.  

Bottom Line

You cannot expect the guest post to bring traffic to your website if you don't do it the right way. Violating Google's guest post guidelines can penalize your website. You can use the spam links or backlink checker tools to determine the quality of the link.


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