Building backlinks based on Competitors analysis and Customer Case studies

competitors analysis for backlinks

Building backlinks is the key element for website optimization – this sentence is only half true. In reality, you will need the most relevant backlinks. Even if you have thousands of irrelevant backlinks, it won’t matter for SEO. Instead, having a few relatable backlinks will help you in boosting the SEO of your website. That’s why you need to start building backlinks based on competitors' analysis and customer case studies.

This will help you in ranking the website with ease. Let’s understand why and how you can use both of these. 


Competitors Analysis

You will need to do your research when you are building your backlinks. The best way to research the backlinks is to check the competitor's SEO. If you can find out the list of backlinks they are using, you can easily create the backlinks according to that. Lastly, you can check it with the backlink checker tool.

Let’s take an example for you to understand this process easily. Assume, your competitor is ranking for a term and your website is nowhere in the first few pages. You surely want to create the backlinks to rank on the first page and overtake your competitor, right? So, you will first have to know how they got there in the first page. 

On-page SEO is pretty simple and easy to find out. However, it is hard to find about the off-page SEO and you will need to find out the backlinks they are creating. 

If you got the list of backlinks they have of their website, you can add your backlinks on the same website. Also, if the website has allowed the backlink of your competitor's website, there are good chances that they will also allow yours. Therefore, you can surely try your luck by contacting that particular website. 

Now, talking about outperforming them. You will need to create more backlinks as compared to them if you want to rank higher. Here are the exact steps you need to follow

  • You can use tools like Majestic to check out the backlinks of the competitor's website. 
  • Enter your competitor's URL and you will get all the backlinks
  • Now, you can head over to the EliteOptimizer’s link checker
  • The link checker will check all the links on your website and will give you both Internal and External link data.


  1. Informational links (1xx)
  2. Successful Links (2xx)
  3. Redirected Live Internal Links (3xx)
  4. Client Error Links (4xx)
  5. Server Error Links (5xx)
  • You can also compare your backlink data with your competitor's backlinks.

Guest posting, replicating competitor's backlink, creating backlinks from broken links are some of the ways to build reliable backlinks. 

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Customer’s Case Studies

Michael had 580 backlinks created for his website and his website was ranking in 5th position. The competitor had almost twice the number of backlinks Michael had. Therefore, he was managing to get in the 4th position. Michael analyzed their backlinks and created similar types of backlinks using replicating competitor's ranking, skyscraper technique, and blog comments. The ranking of Micheal’s website went from 5th to 2nd position in just a matter of time. Therefore, we can say that stealing or replicating your competitor's backlinks does work. You can easily do the website optimization using this. Don’t forget to check the number of do-follow links data using the backlink checker tool.

Final words

To conclude, this is how you should start building backlinks based on Competitor analysis and Customer Case studies. While you are on EliteOptimizer, you can also check out other  SEO features that can be useful for your website optimization.


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