Mistakes to Avoid with Running Twitter Ad Campaign

Jun 18,2020  |
Mistakes to Avoid with Running Twitter Ad Campaign

Twitter is one of the crucial social media marketing tools for brands. It enables people to connect with their followers and promote their brand among a wider audience. With 65% of Americans using Twitter for brand promotion, it goes without saying that Twitter is an ideal marketing platform for all kinds of businesses.

Running an ad campaign on Twitter might sound a cakewalk. But, building the right campaign and using the right strategies to attract your target audience can be challenging. Many startups end up committing costly mistakes that ruin their marketing campaign and spoil their brand’s image. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the common Twitter ad campaign mistakes and the ways to avoid them. Let’s have a look:

Pausing or Cancelling Twitter’s “Promote” Mode

While there are several speculations about pausing or cancelling the Promote Mode at Twitter, it is important to note that merely pausing the given mode would not pause your current subscription. Your subscription continues getting billed every month as a major mistake. When you simply tend to pause the promotion on Twitter, it does not stop the billing process entirely. Only cancelling the promotions would stop the billing process. Therefore, when you wish to save your subscription amounts by not paying them unnecessarily, it is recommended to pay attention to the “Promote” Mode on Twitter. 

Neglecting Analytics Tool

So, you have developed your Twitter marketing strategies and are running your ad campaigns. But, how are you going to track the performance of your Twitter campaign? What if your ad isn’t working the way you expected? The biggest mistake is carrying on with the Twitter ad campaign that isn’t bringing the best results.

To know how well your ad campaign is working, use Twitter Analytics tools. They provide you with essential metrics such as your engagement rate, impressions, number of people who clicked your website link, and so on.

These tools will give you an insight into the strategies that are working for your brand. This way you can invest all your efforts and money in the marketing campaigns that are actually generating results. 

Relying on Twitter Mass Follow Tools

Another common mistake is using Twitter mass follow practice to follow hundreds of accounts so that you get more followers in return. Never put your account at stake by using these cheap marketing tools that hardly work. If you think you will get a follow back every time you follow a Twitter user, you couldn’t be more wrong. 

Not only does Twitter suspend accounts of people using mass following tactics, but this ineffective strategy will make you look desperate. Never follow more than a hundred people a day. Stick to the manual following technique.

Not Engaging with Your Followers

One-way communication will not bring progress in your engagement rate or follower count. Use the platform to share the latest information about your products and services. But, don’t ignore the fact that Twitter is a social networking site. You are supposed to maintain two-way communication with your audience for the best results.

Allow your customers to connect with your brand. You could also engage with your prospects by liking their tweets, answering their questions, or commenting on their tweets. Similarly, never ignore messages, especially of people who need to inquire about your brand. 

Creating a Boring Profile

Brands put all their efforts and time in running marketing campaigns. They overlook the importance of building a great and follow-worthy Twitter profile. You might have a great Twitter marketing strategy, but your prospects will not follow your account that has no description or profile picture.

Update your profile photo, write an engaging and keyword-rich description, add an attention-seeking title, and post high-quality and informative tweets. The first step to attract your audience is customizing your Twitter profile. 

You can put your brand or logo as your profile photo for better engagement. Your Twitter description must be short, accurate, and engaging. It must explain what your company sells and how it can benefit your users. 


So, why wait? Build a high-quality digital marketing campaign and avoid the above-listed mistakes. Keep up the engagement of your followers by posting engaging content on Twitter. 

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