Google Takes Responsibility for Indexing Issues

google takes responsibility for indexing issues

Indexing your website and posts in the search engine is one of the most crucial aspects of your SEO. In order to get found among the millions of websites, you will have to implement content strategies that will get your post the recognition it deserves. Indexing is important for search ranking. Google bot scans your website pages, checks the relevancy of your content, and indexes the pages that offer value to the users. 

However, recently, some webmasters faced indexing issues on Google. Google has clarified that there are some indexing problems, which makes it quite difficult for the websites to get indexed in the search engine. This issue has also led to the stale Google search results. On 3rd June 2020, Google informed the users about the indexing issue through Twitter. The company mentioned that due to the indexing issues, some users might face stale search results. They further added:

“we will update this thread when we can provide more information”

No one knows how long it will take for the search engine to resolve the Google indexing issues. However, according to the latest reports, Google has started to look into the matter. The question is “what exactly is this indexing issue and how does it affect your website”? Let’s find out the answers.

Google Indexing Issues

As the name suggests, publishers have been facing the indexing issues for quite a while now. Here we are talking about the established websites and popular bloggers & publishers (such as Wall Street Journal and New York Times) as well as small publishers. The new content they post on their websites does not appear in the search results. 

When the publishers and their audience tried to find out the recent pages that had been published a few hours ago, they got an error message. The surprising fact is that it isn’t the first time that Google has been experiencing indexing issues. In fact, similar issues were reported a couple of times this year and in the previous year. Hopefully, the search engine is trying its best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Now, the websites that will be affected by the indexing issues are those that publish recent news, such as the latest or trending news that is likely to stay trending for a few hours only. For instance, if you run a news portal and share the breaking stories to your audience, then the indexing problem will have a great impact on your content. If your primary source of traffic is trending content, then you will need to get these pages indexed as soon as you publish them. 

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The Indexing Issues will be Fixed Shortly

As much as terrifying it sounds, there is nothing to worry about. Even if you run a news website, rest assured that Google is taking the issue quite seriously. The search engine has already looked into the matter. They are trying their best to index the breaking news content at the earliest possible time so that the delay in indexing will not affect your traffic.  

Well, publishers can’t help but wait for Google to fix this issue as soon as possible. Hopefully, things will get back to normal soon. As mentioned before, Google is trying to resolve the matter and there is a good chance it will not happen again in the future.

Google Confirmed that the Issue is Resolved 

Google has fixed the indexing issue that the webmasters and SEO specialists had been facing. On the same day, at 6 AM, Google confirmed that the problem is resolved and everything is back to normal.


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