Seo Tool Features

Site Audit tool

Site Audit

ESO’s Site explorer engine reviews all pages of the domain and generates report for on-page optimization issues in the website…

Link checker Analysis

Link Checker Analysis

The Link Checker Analysis feature leverage to optimize your website to its fullest potential, it offers data about the internal links and their status.

Backlinks Analysis


The backlink data feature provides the total number of backlinks for the domain and its competitors for every week.

Mobile Keyword Ranking Analysis

Mobile Keyword Ranking Analysis

This unique feature of ESO helps site owners to view their domain performance based on the number of mobile searches

Social Signal Tracking

Social Signal Tracking

ESO’s Social Signal Tracking feature provides data about the domain’s social media interactions and activities.

Analytics Tool


ESO integrates your Google Analytics account and provides various important data including Top performing pages.

Top Action Items

Top Action Items

ESO generates a report for top action item, that a user or agency can do in their domain using the different data from ESO.

Brand vs Non-branded keyword

Brand vs Non-branded keyword

ESO’s Brand vs. Non-branded keyword report helps site owners to view their domain performance based on the brand…

Top Performing Pages Speed Report

Top Performing Pages Report

ESO’s Top Performing Page feature provides data about domain’s top performing pages that drive traffic to the site…

Missed Opportunities Report

Opportunities Report

This unique feature of ESO helps site owners to get an idea about the traffic that were missed or required to improve their ranking by page wise.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

ESO’s custom reporting engine helps to build custom reports and generates different reports including Ranking report…

Ranking API Access


The demand for tools and applications created from APIs isn’t slowing down. Elite Site Optimizer provides API for Ranking data for its subscribers.

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