How to Use Guest Posts for Promotion and Backlinks?

Apr 09,2020  |
How to Use Guest Posts for Promotion and Backlinks?

Guest blogging has always been the easiest and effective approach to earning backlinks from high-authority websites. It seems like guest blogging is never going out of trend anytime soon. Even today, hundreds of thousands of beginners create high-quality guest blogs and have it published on other websites to generate traffic. The key benefits of guest blogging are:

  • Generate organic traffic to your website
  • Helps with brand recognition
  • Getting high-quality backlinks
  • Developing social proof

Whether you have started your website or are running an established blog on the internet, guest blogging can make a perfect marketing strategy. It is an off-page SEO tactic that helps people build brand recognition and get a higher SERP ranking on Google. Here’s how you must use guest posts for promotion and backlink.

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Search for Blogs That Accepts Guest Posts

Content is king. You cannot get poor quality blogs published on high-authority websites. If you want to build brand reputation and earn backlinks from reputable websites, you need to put extra effort into building an effective content marketing strategy.

You must start with the research. Search for the blogs that accept backlinks. Check the Domain Authority of the website before pitching for guest posts. Make sure that a guest blog published on the low-quality website is not going to be of any use. Get a list of the blogs that accept guest posts by using the keywords like your brand + guest post, brand + write for us, brand + become a contributor, and so on.

Brainstorm Topic Ideas

Make sure that you go through the guest post articles guidelines on the particular website before applying for a guest blogger. Check the word-count they accept, topics they want, and the general guidelines. Search for the topics that are relevant to their topic guidelines.

Try to come up with some trending title that has not been covered by the website. Your blog needs to super unique and outstanding to get approval from the high-authority website. Most websites ask bloggers to share the topic idea before writing the final blog post.

Send Professional and Personalized Pitch

Now that you have found the blogs for publishing guest articles, it is time to send pitches and have your topics approved. First things first, bloggers receive hundreds (if not thousands) of guest post requests every day. Their inbox is probably flooded with plenty of pitches.

That being said, they’ll delete or ignore the generic emails. To get a blogger’s attention, you need to come up with an intriguing, personalized, short, crisp, and straightforward message that catches their attention the moment they read it. Do not forget to appreciate their blog and include a couple of links you like. Let them know you admire their work. Conclude the message with a short pitch that indicates how you’d love to make their website more interesting by contributing a guest blog (if given a chance).

Tip: Do not write lengthy paragraphs and emotional messages. Professionalism is what the bloggers and influencers look for. Your pitch must sound as professional as possible.

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