SEO Dashboard

Data Visualization and

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The dashboard in Elite Site Optimizer provides key performance indicators of SEO like keyword ranking, on-page errors, visibility score, website accessibility score, user experience score, traffic report, internal link analysis data etc.

BI SEO Dashboard

Elite Site Optimizer is capable of providing a customized dashboard with next-gen Business Intelligence capabilities. ESO is capable of providing customized views to business owners for a comprehensive dig on the multiple facets of their website performance with the attributes they desire.

Elite Site Optimizer provides webmasters with different levels of website audit data which are extremely useful for their SEO strategy.

With the Elite Site Optimizer dashboard, website owners can leverage the SEO data to make insightful decisions and improve their strategies. Start quantifying your SEO efforts through data visualization and KPI metrics, today. 

Following are some important reports that SEO Agencies can build out of our Custom SEO dashboard:

Design your dashboard widgets and make specifications. Benefit from having a complete hold on SEO reports-built just for you!

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