Best Ways to Writing Your Own Product Descriptions

Apr 07,2021  |
ways to writing product descriptions

Product Description is the content that appeals to the eCommerce website owners the most. Thus, it should be written keeping multiple factors in mind. First, it should be relevant to the product. Secondly, it should provide correct and complete information to the user. All these qualities show only the importance of being correct at what meets the eyes. Several other behind-the-scenes considerations should occupy a writer's attention when they sit to write product descriptions. Listed here are some deeper introspections that surround a more appealing product description.

Write to reflect the Brand Voice

Brand Voice offers a useful guide for drafting the product description. The choice of words, the feel of the content, and overall presentation in terms of font, placement, colors, etc., can help the readers relate to brand personality more convincingly. Thus, by choosing the correct draft, you do two things. First, you communicate who you are. Secondly, you indicate clearly who you want to serve.

Keep Buyer Personas in Mind

When you choose to write according to the brand's voice, you reflect who you want to serve. Thus, your consumer research and buyer behavior understanding come into serious play here. While writing product descriptions, you can refer to the keyword search data, comments, and other resources where customers have left you a communication snippet. It helps you pick words according to the customer persona. 

Write to provide a solution to the customer

A customer will be compelled to buy something when it provides the most obvious solution for the problem. If it is a skincare product, using words like home skin treatment can make your product look easy to use and entirely meaningful. The product description should show that the product is launched after identifying the gap and filling it.

Be straightforward and user-friendly while giving due place to technicalities

While explaining technical terms shows that you know the product well and clear about why this product is put on sale, writing straightforwardly eases the customers' woes. They do not want to sit with a dictionary to find the meaning of the words. The simple, and more commonly used words you include, the more likely you are to get a positive reaction or some action from the buyer. 

Still, wherever technical information is required, like in software products, mobile phones, etc., highlight the innovative features more conspicuously. You can also add a link in the description site to explain the product in case it requires more explanation.

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Include SEO-driven formats for product descriptions

At the end of the day, nothing but visibility counts. Product Description is not exempt from fulfilling the requirements of On Page SEO. So, follow all SEO-focused tactics like title character limit, meta description limit, etc. If possible, use long-tail keywords intelligently in the product descriptions to get all possible types of searchers' attention. Following SEO can ensure better visibility, more traffic, and ultimately, better quality clicks on products. The possibility of the appearance of featured products cannot be denied too. 

Include a Call to Action

It is essential to employ a button in the most visible and attractive format on the product description page. Be crisp, clear, and meaningful, and show how acting on time can bring more value to the customer. Sometimes, using an element of urgency can help incite immediate action from the reader or buyer. Use terms like 'Add to Cart to Enjoy Discount' or 'Buy Now for Free Delivery.' Thus, combine a discount or promotional offer with CTA to derive the best benefits from an appealingly written product description.

Keep these helpful ways in mind while writing product descriptions. These can serve the need of getting more customers online and improve the sales figure.


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