How to Analyze SEO Competitors?

How to Analyze SEO Competitors?

SEO competitor analysis is an important part of online marketing strategy. Identifying your competitors, researching their marketing strategies, and running a check on their website has become quite essential these days. SEO Competitor analysis can help you discover some effective SEO strategies that you would have never come across otherwise. Here are the major questions that a successful competitor’s analysis helps you to answer:

  • Who exactly are your SEO competitors?
  • What niche and topics should I cover?
  • Which backlink strategy should I follow?
  • How should I get an edge over the competitors?
  • What keywords do I need to target?

In simple terms, SEO competitor analysis helps you explore the ideas and methods your competitors are using to grow their brand. It suggests certain tactics that you can add to your marketing strategy to expand your business online. The concept involves the analysis of your SEO competitor’s links, keywords, content, and marketing tools. You can pick the most successful elements from this research and use it to your advantage.

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Let’s see how SEO competitor analysis is performed.

1. Finding the Right SEO Competitors

It is pretty obvious that you cannot get insight into the competitor’s SEO strategies until you know your real SEO competitors. To find your actual competitors, you will have to execute research. The easiest possible way of figuring your competitors is by typing your top industry-specific keyword in Google’s search bar. The domains ranking on the top of the search engines are your major competitors.

To find more, follow the above strategy by targeting 10-15 top industry keywords. Make sure to record the names of each brand showing up on the first few positions of the search results in a spreadsheet. You must also add the DA of each website.

2. Keyword Gap Analysis

Also known as Competitive keyword analysis, this strategy focuses on identifying the top keywords that your competitors are ranking for. You must compare 2-3 competitors’ companies to get a better Keyword Gap Analysis. Make sure that the keywords you use are valuable.

Executing the keyword gap analysis manually is next to impossible. There’s a good chance your competitors have thousands of keywords they are ranking for. You cannot check each of them manually.

The good news is that many SEO analysis tools allow users to search for the competitor’s top keywords. You can use SEO Audit tools to compare your site with the competitors’ and get a list of the keywords they are using and ranking for. You can use the same keywords or something similar for better ranking.

3. Link Gap Analysis

Like keyword analysis, Link Gap Analysis can help users find the links their competitors get the maximum traffic from. Nowadays, ranking without backlinks is not possible. You need to approach high-quality websites and earn backlinks to survive the competition.

An advanced SEO audit tool will present the list of links that you can use to get higher ranking in the search engines.


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