How to get your YouTube videos appear in Google’s video carousel

youtube videos appear in googles video carousel

Video content gets more visibility on search engines, especially on Google. These appear on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) in the form of video carousels. The objective of these video carousels is to ensure that the content gets maximum visibility and both on the YouTube page and the search engine landing page.

If your objective is to promote your company’s website through YouTube Marketing, you must develop suitable video content. It improves visibility and also helps in attracting more traffic to your website. Some of the simplest methods by which you can get your YouTube videos to appear on Google's video carousel are as follows:

  • Create an interesting title

When you upload the video onto YouTube, you must create an exciting and attractive title displayed on the Google video carousel. The title should preferably contain a keyword that makes the video easily identifiable. To make the search organic and improve visibility, you must ensure that the title is not more than one hundred characters long. Overlong titles can prove to be counterproductive, and your video might not appear in the video carousel.  Some more factors that you should consider while creating the title and some of these are as follows:

  • Ensure that the title contains names and entities so that it works as a guide, and the visitor can quickly identify the website or the video.
  • If you can add numbers to the title, try adding it as this attracts more visitors, and your video will get more clicks.
  • Well-worded titles tend to get more clicks and attract more visitors. So think about the title carefully and then create one.
  • Try and incorporate questions in the title to attract the visitor’s attention.

The title is the first thing that will attract the attention of the visitor. Hence, if you want your video to stand out in the Google carousel, you must create an exciting title that holds the visitor's attention. In this way, the visitor will not tend to scroll down and click on your video.

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  • Give adequate description

For YouTube videos, you must give an adequate and sufficiently long description to hold the visitor's attention. You want the visitor to click on the link, and hence, adding a summary or an outline about the video can help the visitor get interested in the video. Google allows you to give a video description to nearly five thousand characters, which is sufficiently long to summarize the video's content. When you provide a well-worded description of the video, you attract the visitor's attention and provide him with an incentive to click on the link.

  • Provide a script

When you are uploading a YouTube video, it is often required to provide a script to make the video relevant. The script is not the summary of the video but a detailed analysis of the video itself. The script gives a more in-depth insight into the matter being discussed in the video. This is especially true if you are uploading a video of a webinar. Here a script can make the video more attractive to the visitor as he can now analyze the video itself. The increased number of clicks will automatically help in getting your YouTube video a higher rank in the Google video carousel.

Thus, a video carousel can help promote a video, a website, and even attract more visitors to a website. All you need to do is ensure that the video's content is optimized so that it receives a higher ranking in the video carousel. This will help improve the visibility of your video.


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