Top Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Content Marketing

Initially, content marketing was a buzzword that companies adopted as a marketing experiment. To date, content marketing has become essential to the success of a brand's marketing strategy. Become a proven marketing channel for maximizing ROI, and use a variety of other channels and analytics tools to test and prove what works and what doesn't.

Today's content marketers are investigating novel types of worthwhile content that companies are prepared to try.

While written and printed information is waning in appeal, audio-visual content found online, such as videos, live streaming, and webinars, is performing exceptionally well. Infographics and other written material are becoming essential tools in a company's content marketing armory.

Missing out on one or a few content marketing channels can cause businesses to lose leads and possibilities as marketing techniques continue to expand and diversify.

Top content marketing trends for 2022 include the following:

  1. Customized and dynamic content
  2. The Development of Chatbots, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Interactive Content
  3. The popularity of videos and podcasts will increase.
  4. Voice Search and Long Tail Keywords' Growing Popularity
  5. Content Marketing Driven by Data

1. Customized and Dynamic Content:

Modern consumers demand a highly tailored user experience and reject generalist content that doesn't apply to them right away. According to CMI's 2019 B2B research, putting customers' needs first was one of the most effective marketing methods last year. Customers are searching for trustworthy and educational messaging that will lead them through the buying process and assist them in making wise selections.

2022 Personalization Survey Trends Suggest Personalization Helps Improve Customer Relationships, with 70% of Marketers Claiming Personalization Has a “Strong” or “Strong” Impact increase.

Nearly 85% of respondents agree that customers and prospects expect a personalized marketing experience. When marketers were asked about the benefits of adding personalization to their content strategy, they said it helps customers improve their experience, increase loyalty, and generate measurable lift/ROI.

In 2020, email ranked first in terms of personalization, then websites, in-person interactions, online advertisements, mobile apps, and web applications.

Businesses will continue to prioritize developing innovative and captivating methods to interact with and hold customers' attention throughout 2022 and beyond as a result of this trend of customization.

2. The Development of Chatbots, VR, AR, and Interactive Content:

A popular trend in 2022 will be visual-forward platforms integrating augmented reality and virtual reality. With the use of augmented reality (AR), users may view virtual objects or information while gazing at actual objects. A genuine example of augmented reality is Snapchat's ability to add both static and moving lenses to a selfie.

On the other side, virtual reality enables you to fully submerge yourself in a made-up virtual environment. Because VR technology is more expensive than AR, it is still lagging.

Although fascinating new applications are being developed every day, the marketing prospects for leveraging AR and VR are still in their infancy. This is a chance for inventive content marketers. Immersive advertisements will be seen as a genuinely unique approach to reaching potential customers as VR gains popularity.

As AI, natural language processing, and machine learning develop, it is anticipated that Chatbots will handle the vast bulk of one-on-one consumer interactions by the year 2022.

The fact that chatbots are accessible at client touchpoints around-the-clock is a major benefit. The individuals who wrote the script, the natural language processing (NLP) technologies that employ your language, and the inquiries that the bot can answer are crucial factors in determining the success of an AI-enabled chatbot.

Businesses may use chatbots to gain the trust of their consumers. Chatbots are less intrusive, quicker, and more affordable.

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3.The popularity of videos and podcasts will increase

As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words," and video continues to be a crucial component at every stage of the consumer experience, boosting brand recognition. In actuality, viewers are receptive to learning even when they aren't actually watching videos to purchase them.

Videos influence behavior and occasionally purchases. Users of today prefer watching videos over all other types of material when learning about new goods and services, more interactive material like polls and session feedback including live video.

Although the number of Americans who listen to podcasts has almost quadrupled over the past 10 years, few businesses are completely aware of the entire potential of the format. Podcasts are the ideal medium for combining educational content with entertaining banter. They are unquestionably an interesting and practical channel for both listeners and companies.

Here is an illustration of a webinar or podcast:

Marketing School is a fantastic illustration of a podcast that is fascinating. Each episode of Marketing School is just approximately 5 minutes long but is jam-packed with advice, techniques, and insights on a certain subject. New episodes are posted every day.

4. Voice Search and Long Tail Keywords' Growing Popularity

By 2022, voice and picture searches will make up at least half of all queries, predicts Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker. With the advancement of technology, businesses will become more specialized and capable of responding to voice queries made on smart devices.

You're already eighty percent there if your company consistently publishes well-written, credible content that speaks to and addresses the main problems and issues that audiences face. 

Updating your SEO approach to better cater to voice search trends will account for the remaining 20% of the total.

To develop highly tailored content, this includes adding long-tail, semantic keyword terms. The companies will also profit from the creation of extensive, FAQ-inclusive material geared toward the middle and top of the funnel.

You must bear in mind that individuals utilize more 'natural' speech while conducting voice searches when developing your voice search strategy. Considering how people speak and utilizing long-tail keywords are also essential.

For instance, employing a long-tailed keyword like "what are the top content marketing tools in 2022" would get better results than using the phrase "top content marketing tools 2022."

Another suggestion is to compile a list of the kinds of questions your clients typically ask and then produce long-form content that responds to those inquiries.

Write direct, long-tail inquiries if you want search engines to find the solutions/information on your site. In addition to helping your website appear in voice search results, doing this will place it first in any text-based search results, boosting web traffic and helping you outperform your rivals.

5.Content Marketing Driven by Data

The content of today combines creativity with data, rather than just being creative. Your data analysis can benefit from a data-driven content strategy in two ways:

  1. The efficiency with which you distribute your material
  2. Information is used to inform the generation of content.

You need to consider both how well your content is resonating with your audience and how you can use these analytics in the process of creating new content. You must monitor the traffic, engagement rates, and conversions to accomplish this efficiently.

To automate their marketing activities and get insights into their marketing effectiveness, businesses are investing in platforms like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Asana, BuzzSumo, MeetEdgar, Buffer, and Hootsuite.


The market for content marketing is expanding rapidly. Hone your abilities in producing focused, interactive, and engaging content if you want to keep on top of trends and boost your company conversions. The way that organizations receive, evaluate, and engage with modern consumers is changing as a result of big data, AI, ML, automation, and intelligent technology.

Enrolling in a content marketing school can help you stand out from the competition by strengthening your abilities. The year 2022 will be fascinating for content marketers. For those motivated to learn and ready to change in the always-evolving field of content marketing, this year will be one of the opportunities.

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