SEO Automation Tool – A Magnified Approach

SEO Automation Tool – A Magnified Approach

Paul is an SEO Analyst. He wants to try out a different tool for the SEO Automation Tool. He opens the browser and types ‘SEO Automation Tool ’ on Google. Google lists the top ranking pages which result in what he searched for.

He goes with the one that impresses him. He starts with the site audit for his page using this SEO automation tool to make his site more search engine-friendly. Any search-engine friendly site can take it place in the Google’s top-ranked pages on a search as this page helped Paul in picking up a striking SEO Automation tool.

The features or qualities of an SEO tool increases its scalability.

Here are the top 5 features an SEO Automation Tool should hold.


Another day, Paul explores about his domain. He reads a blog. As he reads about ‘Elite Site Optimizer’. Clicking onto this, he landed on the page of this tool to know about his attractive features. This is referred as back linking in the SEO dictionary.

This feature kicks in the total number of backlinks for any domain and its competitors for each week. It also stands as an important ranking factor for search engines and keyword ranking is determined with the backlinks also.

Rank Analysis

We are aware of the close-to infinite nature of the online world. In this huge cyber universe, SEO tool helps your website to evaluate domains, keywords and overall ranking performance of your website.

It enables your website to take up a prominent position in the Google’s page rank list on any search. With this feature, Elite Site Optimizer can cater Basic, Competitive, Page-wise and Mobile Rank Analysis.

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Integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics projects the detailed visitor statistics of your website. This integration of Google Analytics with the SEO Automation Tool will increase your web traffic and helps in efficient online marketing.

Influence of the Social Signal

A firm sells beautiful return gifts for Indian weddings and occasions. The initial phase of advertisement of this firm starts with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Pages. These pages will also hold a link to their website. To engage the audience constantly, this firm keeps its social activity on track.

Tools like Elite Site Optimizer will reflect the impact of the social media on the website and its pages. Better the influence, higher the traffic.

Amalgamation with Google Webmaster Tool

This feature is as important to a website as a ticket is important for a train travel. It creates the eligibility of a website to compete in the Google search’s rank list.

There are also other competitive features of an SEO automation tool. But the above-mentioned forms the heart of SEO which makes a website to be lively existing in this web world.


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