Power of Organic Research!

Power of Organic Research!

The SERP Ambiguity

Who doesn’t want to be on the top of SERP? It is probably the dream of every online business owner to stay ahead of all in rankings. So, what actually goes into ranking high on search engines and is it as easy as it sounds? Definitely not. Optimization of the website involve several aspect. Nevertheless, consider these aspects in a systematic manner to obtain the desired results. What are these steps and how to go about it?

Understanding Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization work through organic and paid medium. The organic medium of optimization include a lot of research and close monitoring of the website behavior and its response to changes. To begin with, supervise website traffic keenly to comprehend their preferences and inclination to various concepts. Based on this interpretation study the website content and attempt to give the customer the most relevant content. Along with this perform a detailed research and track keyword preferences amongst the target audience. Based on this survey implement the appropriate changes.

The Site Optimizer Magic:

Research of preferred keywords and tracking of website traffic is not the core of search engine optimization. It is a herculean task to keep a hold on the multiple facets of a website to deliver the desired results. In such a scenario, a site optimizer automates a key portion of processes. Thus, marketing specialists are empowered and provide next-gen search engine automation. Further,  use site optimizer to perform and monitor a website’s behavior predominantly through organic medium.

A site optimizer tool such as Elite site optimizer provide several features including keyword analysis and missed opportunities feature. This enable, SEO strategists to keep track of the website traffic which is missed due to irrelevant content or poor website navigation. SEO optimizer help organizations to monitor keyword behavior. For instance, analyze the keywords with high search volume and low competition and find ways to induce it in the website using the SEO tool. Further more, extend this exercise to  analyze the keywords on the mobile site too. Not limited to this, Site Optimizer tools generate exhaustive reports based on the website performance providing first-hand information to marketers regarding bottlenecks and ways to improve them. These reports also reflect predictive analysis about market demands making them future ready.

Ranking high in SERP:

Survey says that 90% of users do not click through each one of the first 30 results. The users try to fetch information they need from the first link which catches their attention. This shows why it is important to top the list in SERP. Ranking high in SERP is no child’s play. Keyword analysis is cardinal to streamline processes and obtain the desired results. The first step in optimizing website keywords is: analyzing the competitor’s keywords.

Ranking in SERP

Perform a comparative analysis of the competitor website and the keywords incorporated. Subsequently, get a definite multi-dimensional view of the website positioning in the business space. Short listing keywords after close monitoring of the competitor website will enable organizations to adopt a similar approach and outpace competitors. Being informed about latest advancements and competitor behavior helps a lot in modifying and making suitable changes. One such behavior to follow is the breeding of any new competitors who begin to attract major organic traffic and particular reasons to why this has emerged.

In conclusion…

To overtake other competitor organizations, it is not only enough to optimize the organization’s website but also observing any pivotal changes in the SERP ranking. This should include tracking of keyword ranking reports and shifting trends in customer behavior to get a unified view of phenomenal occurrences in the business space for executing similar changes. Fully equipped with out-of-the-box optimization capabilities, Elite Site Optimizer backs organizations to build a deeper connection with the target audience and keep up with evolving customer expectations!  


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