How Does SEO Drive Digital Marketing Effectively?

How Does SEO Drive Digital Marketing Effectively?

The world is so technology oriented that every entity in our day to day life has a digital touch, so does the marketing domain! Digital marketing is an umbrella term for marketing of products through digital technologies, mainly through internet, media and mobile phones. The evolution of digital marketing has changed the way the brands market their products. It targets the audience within a stipulated time frame. Digital marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of boosting the online business. Digital marketing strategies effectively enhance the business prospects and sales. The various techniques of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in association with content marketing, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, video, personalization and mobile focus has paved the way for the brands to advertise their products in a more effective manner.

What does data-driven marketing do?
Data-driven marketing is a term that usually refers to the marketing strategy based on data collection which is done by analyzing the data obtained from the consumers about their demands and expectations on a particular good. The data-driven marketing is one of the SEO techniques that collects data from the customers based on their web behavior. For example, when we search for some products in Amazon or Flipkart, we can see the advertisement of the same product in our Facebook or Instagram page. These eCommerce use several business intelligence and SEO strategies to gather and derive the customer data. There are even surveys conducted on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to gather relevant data from the consumers.

High quality content marketing:
Quality is the prime consideration for everything we buy or use. Here in content marketing quality is defined by how effectively and how attractively we present the content with SEO for marketing. The following are few points that determine the quality in content writing:
1. The Right Content – We are facing a tricky situation where in one hand Google provides detailed content about any topic whereas certain mobile applications also provide precise content about the same topic. So, depending on the target audience the content must be optimized. The content length must be SEO optimized by knowing what type of data the customers opt to read. Google Trends can very well help one choose the trending content people prefer reading.

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2. Effective Images – We can certainly give high quality content without the use of media. But we know that the consumers tend to be attracted when there is visual content. Most of people prefer visual content to plain text. Here comes the SEO technique to analyse the customers views like where to post images and where not to. Image SEO is another major cook who spices up digital marketing. Advertisements that are being posted on social media should be attractive enough to grab the attention of the online dwellers. This idea is analogous to the legacy poster advertisements. The only difference is that the former is engaging people online and the latter had been making people stop at it as they pass by on the road. But the world has turned digital. So, the Content marketing should make sure that the information in the form of images and other multimedia aids is conveyed in the proper place. Canva should be the best fit here to convert any form of content into infographics.

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Video in digital marketing:
Online marketing trends keep delivering new methods of advertising. Videos are one among them. Marketing with videos in social media like YouTube, Facebook, etc., are going so viral these days. The moment something unique and trending is being posted online, it reaches people in a fraction of a second. All of us would have experienced this and even been a vector in sharing such videos, images, memes, etc. There are several SEO strategies that would help you improve your video ranking. One might be have the expertise in video making but these strategies would take his videos across the world through optimization.

Personalized marketing:
The personalized marketing, otherwise called as one-to-one marketing or individual marketing is the one where the companies analyze the demands and expectations of the consumers directly. This is achieved by the Search Engine Optimization. As mentioned earlier, the data from one website of a user is taken and that is used as a keyword to post relevant ads on other websites of the same user. The advancement in the techniques of personalized marketing using data analysis has helped the merchants establish more effective and prolonged customer experience personalization tactics.

Digital marketing with mobile focus:
Every new online platform for digital marketing we consider to build should have mobile phones as its center of focus. The websites designed for marketing a product have their own mobile site built. This is because we can obviously witness that the ratio of people using mobile phones is higher than that of PCs or laptops. So digital marketing should focus on building mobile friendly sites for the consumers. For example, when we search for some definition online in our mobile we don’t go through the entire page. Instead we just look after the keyword and leave the rest of the content. So the content built in the mobile applications should also have a mobile focus.
It is a fine evening and when you are stressed out, a hot sip of coffee will make your day. As you feel this, you will even have to think the strategies the coffee maker has adopted to make it taste better. Similarly, to brand and market any product digitally, there are certain SEO tips and tricks. These steps may lead to achieve the marketing objectives.


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