Top Ways to Boost Your Seasonal SEO Traffic in 2019

Top Ways to Boost Your Seasonal SEO Traffic in 2019

4 Effective Ways to Boost Your Seasonal SEO Traffic in 2019

You need SEO to boost your website’s ranking. But only a few of you know that a website can also be optimized for seasonal SEO. More than 50% of the internet users said they use Google to search for the latest gift ideas for certain occasion, holiday recipes, and holiday trips. That clearly suggests that if you want to take your website and brand to heights, you need to optimize your content for specific seasons. That’s how you can attract seasonal visitors and earn conversions.

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Don’t worry! You don’t have to change your basic SEO strategy. Only a few changes that fit the specific season are sufficient to get ahead of your competitors. Let’s see how you can boost your seasonal SEO traffic.

Use Seasonal Keywords

Sure, you have already searched and listed the keywords that will attract traffic to your website the entire year. But when it comes to some specific seasons (let’s say, Christmas gift ideas), only the websites that are optimized for the seasonal keywords will show up on the first page.

You don’t want to lose out your customers to your competition just because you couldn’t incorporate seasonal keywords in your post. Online business is getting tougher every day. If you want to stay in the game and outperform your competitors, you must add seasonal keywords wisely.

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Generate Holiday-Themed Posts

No doubt, offering vouchers, gift cards, and discounts on your product is imperative to draw the attention of your target audience. But how can you rank on the search engines? If you want to make it easier for your audience to find your website, you must write blogs. In short, you need to generate holiday-themed blog posts. You can use any topic as long as it talks about the specific occasion. Some examples are Holiday gift ideas, Monsoon vacation trips, skincare routine for summer, and etc.

Your readers want informative content, along with high-quality products. The only way to convince them to do business with you is to write informative, season-based, and high-quality blogs.

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Optimize the Landing Pages

Do you want to generate organic traffic to your website? There are so many ways to gain your visitors’ attention. But what’s better than using the season-themed content? All you got to do is modify your landing pages for the particular season. It’s super simple. You only need to search for the seasonal keywords and add them to the landing page. That’s it!

The images and meta-description are also important for website ranking. Make sure that you incorporate the seasonal keywords into your meta-data. Try to use images that complement the holiday season.

Write Holiday Gift Guide

If you want to attract your visitors for online shopping, the holiday gift guide is your pick. Holiday gift guides guide your users to shop online. Don’t forget to add the necessary keywords and links to rank your gift guide page on the search results.

These were some tips for boosting your site’s ranking using seasonal SEO. Follow it and see the incredible results.


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