What is Schema markup? A complete Guide to Structured Data for SEO

What is Schema markup? A complete Guide to Structured Data for SEO

If you are looking forward to becoming good at SEO, then you should ensure a comprehensive view of SEO and all its related topics. One of the important technical SEO elements is the schema markup. 

Schema markup & structured data feature important roles in SEO for several years now. However, what is schema markup and how does it help in the SEO process? Let us get to know in detail.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema is the structured data vocabulary that helps in defining actions, entities, and relationships on the Internet. With the help of the vocabulary, it becomes possible for search engines to get an understanding of the meanings behind entities on the web. In turn, it helps in delivering a better user experience for the respective Internet users.

As Google continues building a highly semantic web, the given markups are becoming increasingly valuable in ensuring effective internet communication. By including schema tags to the respective website, Google can look forward to supplementing the search results of your website with additional information in the format of rich snippets. The snippets can help in improving the overall click-through rate in the respective organic search results.

Types of Schema Markups

The vocabulary of schema.org is known to include formats for the structuring of data around all types of places, things, and people on the web. The schema markups are mostly helpful in indicating:

  • Events
  • Articles
  • People
  • Products
  • Local businesses
  • Organizations
  • Medical conditions
  • Reviews
  • Recipes

After including the given markups to the site, they enable the search engine to get an understanding of what the entire website is about. As a result, the search engine is capable of showcasing the given information with the help of rich snippets. 

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What are Schema Markup and the Use of Structured Data in SEO?

As far as SEO is concerned, structured data helps in representing some markup that gets implemented on the website. These can be utilized by search engines including Google for displaying information in a better manner. SEO is known to imply structured data in the form of Schema markup as it is one of the most common markups for structuring data. 

Using the given markup, search engines can look forward to displaying something that is referred to as “rich snippets” or “rich search results.” These are referred to as rich search results because they are known to contain more elements in comparison to regular results –allowing them to stand out.

How does Schema Markup Affect SEO and the Subsequent Search Engines?

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Structured data might not be referred to as a ranking element. However, it can definitely help with the overall rankings indirectly. With a higher CTR, you can observe improved rankings for your website. Structured data helps with the CTR as rich results or snippets are known to gain attention easily in comparison to regular results. The snippets are usually known to display the information directly on the landing page of Google. 


You should not aim at prioritizing the inclusion of structured data on the website until you have finished dealing with other types of data. Some of the important data or issues to address are content optimization, on-page SEO, keyword research, and so more. 

This is because Google understands the information and content that are required to present rich snippets without using structured data. 


As all major search engines are known to recommend the addition of structured data, you should go ahead by adding the same –especially when you are running an e-commerce website. You should aim at implementing the same correctly. However, you should aim at prioritizing other vital SEO tasks as well.


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