Top Secrets of Professional SEO Writers

Top Secrets of Professional SEO Writers

5 Secrets of Professional SEO Writers

SEO-optimized blogs and content have become an essential aspect of any online website. The requirement of SEO content writers is increasing the growing competition around all industries. Today, search engines prioritize unique and valuable content to rank a website. Even users prefer to engage with a brand that posts high-quality blogs. SEO writers know that people are on the lookout for informative and engaging content.

Read on to learn the top secrets of SEO writers that help brands achieve the audience’s attention and conversions.

Keyword Research

A major part of search engine optimization is Keyword Research. SEO writers conduct thorough keyword research and analyze competitor’s keyword strategies to come up with keyword-optimized content. They track the keyword uses, its placement across the articles and its performance on Google.

Content writers also use SEO audit tools to perform keyword research and monitor content progress.

Write Useful Content

Before you begin writing the articles, think about ‘does anyone care’? Sometimes, people forget that the articles they are writing are not for Google algorithms but humans. You can’t write illogical or boring content and expect your audience to find your website and interact with your brand. To gain their attention, you need to come up with something that interests them.

Is there something unique in your content? What value does your content offer to your users? How can they benefit from your articles? Most importantly, how your content stands out from the other posts in the search engine?

Familiar with the Basics of Technical SEO

You can’t call yourself an SEO writer if you are not familiar with the technical aspects of SEO. Even the best keyword optimization technique will not help if you can’t get your website indexed in the search engines.

The SEO writer doesn’t have to know JAVA and another programming language. They don’t even need to learn the site migration or HTTPs. However, they must be familiar with the basics of technical SEO. For example, a professional writer knows how Google crawls a website and all its pages. Based on this information, they plan the internal link building strategy that makes their content stand out from the rest. If the writer understands the basics of page indexing and site ranking, they will use the best SEO strategies to optimize the content for search engines.

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Write Readable Content

As mentioned before, SEO writing isn’t a vocabulary competition. You don’t need to write long and complicated paragraphs to prove your knowledge or qualifications. The articles are written for the general public. Without a second thought, your audience will straight press the back button if they don’t find your content readable or useful enough to solve their problems.

A professional writer knows the right content structuring strategy. They know how short a paragraph and sentence needs to be. They write content keeping the readers in mind. Your content should be precise, readable, and informative. That is the only way to catch the reader’s attention and keep up their engagement.

SEO writers are also capable of editing the content using advanced spell checker and readability checker tools. They use plagiarism detector software to ensure the originality of the articles.

Detailed Posts

SEO writers write a longer blog post. Google gives more priority to longer posts and articles rather than a 200-300 words post. Indeed, the word count is a crucial aspect of SEO. The longer your post is, the more value it contains, and the higher it ranks. Try to cover at least 600 words or more (if possible). Never keep your content below 300 words.


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