Top 10 Ways for Voice Search Optimization in 2020

Top 10 Ways for Voice Search Optimization in 2020

10 Ways for Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is becoming a more natural and rewarding way of seeking information. If you want to see your website rank on the top of the voice search results, look at the ten methods below.

Featured Snippet Content:

The featured snippet is a format that appears in a box at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It provides users with direct and brief answers to their questions.

According to the study, around 40.7% of voice search answers come from the featured snippet. So if you want to rank high in voice search results, consider providing high-quality content that Google can show in the featured snippet.

Mobile Optimized Content:

The majority of searches happen on mobile devices. Therefore, the mobile version of your website must be completely optimized. You can create mobile-friendly content by following the points below:

  • Build a mobile-responsive website.
  • Run a mobile-friendly test on Google for your website and optimize accordingly.

Conversational Content:

The content you create for your website should be well-written and structured to ensure that a voice engine understands and recognizes the content’s meaning and context. Writing content in a conversational and natural tone is the best way to prepare for voice search and provide effective answers to users’ questions.

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Schema Markup Content:

Using structured schema data markup gives voice search devices more information about your website and its content. Schema allows you to broadly describe what the data on your site means, making it easier for the search engines to understand and analyze the content on your website accurately.

Query Relevant Content:

Unlike the regular results for a search query, where the second result may draw more traffic, voice search only provides one answer to the users’ question. This answer is provided from one of the best-optimized results.

Hence, making your content relevant for a specific query on Google is the main key to voice search optimization.

Long-tail Keyword Content:

When it comes to voice search optimization, the use of long-tail keywords can be very beneficial as people these days have a natural tendency to ask questions in long phrases. So if searchers are using a specific phrase or multiple words repeatedly, it is time to optimize your content for that popular voice search query.

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Speed Optimized Page Content:

Your website’s page loading speed can affect your rank in the voice search results. Nowadays, people are always in a hurry to get answers to their questions on Google. Therefore, optimizing page speed is essential if you want the voice searchers to reach your website. Also, your website should have the desired mobile loading speed for voice search optimization.

Localized Content:

A very high percentage of voice searches on devices are location-based queries. People these days make regular use of voice searches to find information about the local businesses they plan to visit. For instance, they look for products available, location, business hours, and more. So, if you use localized content for voice search optimization, you will have better chances of people visiting your website.

Short, Concise Answer Content:

When people ask questions on Google through voice search, they are looking for concise and direct answers. Content that is simple and short stands an excellent chance to rank at the top in voice searches. However, stuffing your content with pointless words to appear in searches is not the perfect method. Always remember, Google prefers content quality over quantity.

Social Engagement for Content:

Content engagement also plays a vital part in voice search. Although social media signals are not considered a ranking factor by Google, it is noted that highly engaging content ranks better for voice searches.

Wrapping Up the Post

Today, voice search is extensively used, and its popularity will inevitably increase in the upcoming years. Hence, focusing on your website’s voice search optimization will significantly improve the visibility of your content. Make use of the ten methods mentioned above to rank on the top of the voice search results.


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