Search Console is the best Keyword Planner

Search Console is the best Keyword Planner

When you create a website for your company, it becomes essential that you do keyword analysis. With the help of the report, you can evaluate the amount of organic and paid traffic that you can attract to your company's website. Proper keyword analysis will also help you identify the suitable terms and phrases that you should use as keywords in the site that you make. For example, a website that is suitable as a retail portal should use a set of keywords that is different from a website that provides home services. If you are planning to design the website of your company, then it becomes essential that you select the keywords that are suitable for your company. The Google search console is one such tool that will make it easier for you to identify and choose proper keywords for your company's website. Some of the methods by which a search console will help you find appropriate keywords for your website are as follows:

Generating keywords

Sometimes it gets complicated to find a suitable keyword for similar items, which is when you need the help of a keyword generator. Moreover, if you are discovered overusing a keyword, then search engines like Google will flag it, and your company's website will receive a lower ranking and become counterproductive for your firm. Hence, you must use the keywords efficiently and avoid overusing keywords. With the help of a keyword generator, you can check the usage of the particular term and its ranking across countries. You can also check its combination with other words and how these are ranked. Finally, you will also be able to get good ideas for keywords for various other search engines with the help of the keyword generator. This will help in developing organic search terms which can attract more web traffic to your company’s eCommerce portal.

Researching for keywords

When you use a search console, it helps you research for suitable keywords. Sometimes it does so by using positive and negative filters. Search Engine Optimization or SEO experts often mention that overusing keywords can make a webpage boring and unreadable. Prospective clients should be interested in your website. Your prospective clients should be interested in reading through the website and should continue clicking. Hence, improving the readability of your company's website is essential. For that, adequate research should be carried out to identify a suitable combination of words to go with your keywords. It would help if you used the filters to run a test as to how the particular combinations will work when these are placed on your company's website. So with the help of a search console's filters, you can evaluate which are the keyword combinations that will work best for the company's website.

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Running a check

Some consoles allow you to run a check as to how customers would respond if you have the particular keywords would appear on your website. This will give you a complete idea before you put these on your website. This is helpful with SEO and makes it easier for you to do keyword analysis. It also helps your company website get a higher ranking in the search engine landing page.

Thus, search consoles can help you evaluate the behaviour of keywords when placed on your company website. Additionally, you can also identify suitable keywords that will best suit the products and services provided by your company. So if you are planning to design a website for your company, it would be a good idea to first check a search console for a suitable keyword or keyword combinations.


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