Tips to Build Backlinks

Apr 16,2020  |
Tips to Build Backlinks

Over the past few years, Backlinks have been the major ranking factor for search engines. When crawling your website, the search spiders look for backlinks and internal links to determine the authenticity of your content. When it comes to off-page SEO, backlinks are still considered the number one metric for traffic generation and SERP ranking.

In today’s competitive environment, it is super difficult for people to have their website ranked without backlinks. Today, this off-page SEO tactic has somewhat become a crucial aspect of your online marketing. The question is ‘how can you generate backlinks for your website’? Where do you start the research for backlinks? Let’s find out the answers.

Broken Link Building Approach

The easiest and effective way of building backlinks for your website is the broken link building approach. All you got to do is detect broken links in your competitor’s websites and ask webmasters to replace it with a link featuring fresh and high-quality content. Of course, you will suggest your website content as a replacement to the broken link.

Broken links can be detected with link detector tools online. Once you have found the broken links, you can approach the webmaster and report the missing content. Make sure that you send the link location along with the alternatives to it.

Guest Post

So far, the guest post has been the most reliable way of approaching a new audience. Write high-quality and user-friendly content and submit it to the high-authority website to earn a backlink. Guest blogging allows webmasters to get better exposure.

Search for the websites accepting guest blogs, send them a pitch, craft engaging blog posts, and request for a backlink in return. The publisher is likely to return the favor by linking back to your website.

Tip: Guest blogging only works when you post content on high DA websites. Make sure that you check the domain authority of a website before submitting a pitch.

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Build Internal Links

Internal links are as much important for SEO as external links. As mentioned we before, search crawlers use an internal link structure to find the connection between your blog posts. Websites without a strong internal link structure make it harder for Google bots to index the pages.

Note: Keep the number of internal links on each page below 100.

Approach Journalists and Bloggers

Influencers and bloggers already have a large fan following and supporters from all over the world. The good news is that these bloggers give backlinks to many websites. You only need to contact them and impress these people with amazing pitches. Mail is the best way to contact bloggers or influencers. If you don’t find their mail, reach out to them through social networking sites.

Note that generic pitches will not work. Bloggers receive hundreds of pitches every day. You need to submit an intriguing pitch to draw their attention. Bloggers will charge money depending on the amount of traffic their website receives.

So why wait? Follow these strategies and build your backlinks.

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