Tips to Boost the SEO with Google Adwords

Tips to Boost the SEO with Google Adwords

Google has mentioned that Google Adwords cannot build organic traffic for your brand. You need to use this strategy wisely and consistently to reap the best rewards.

The major issue is ‘what if you come up with a perfect pay-per-click ad campaign, publish your ads using Google Adwords, but target the wrong keywords? As much as Google Adwords advertisement is effective, it only works when you use it the right way.

Let’s have a look at the best tips that can boost your SEO with Google Adwords.

CTR on Advertisements

Look into your click-through-rate (CTR) to determine which meta-descriptions and titles encourage people to click on your URL. Based on this information, you can create effective marketing strategies to boost your CTR and conversions.

CTR on Keywords

Like CTR on an advertisement, you can study click-through-rate of your keywords. Which keywords improve your website’s ranking and push your URL to the top of the search engines? Keyword analysis on Google Adwords is imperative since your click-through rates will be super low if your website doesn’t rank on the first page.

It might sound a bit old strategy, but keywords still happen to be the number one factor that determines your SERP ranking.

Keywords with Significant Impressions

Is there any particular term that’s receiving maximum impressions? The larger the impressions you receive, the more people will click on your website, the higher the conversions you will earn. Sometimes, things don’t work out that way. You may collect larger impressions, but not a lot of people click on your website. Check the SERP to identify the reasons why your CTR is low. Change the keywords or improve your content to bring more people to your website.

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Text Ad Copy

Get thorough insight into the titles and descriptions that work for your website. List all the headlines that fail to perform well in the search engines. SEO with Google Adwords go hand in hand. They both are equally important. No matter how much you pay, your SEM campaign won’t be effective if you don’t include the right titles, subheads, and even Call-to-actions.

Expanded Text Ads and Extensions

Sure, creating a compelling ad copy means keeping the ad text as short and crisp as possible. However, the small amount of information does not work all the time. The reasons why your ad is receiving impressions but not clicks can be poor and way too short text ads. That is when the expanded text comes into the picture.

Expanded ads allow webmasters to expand their ad copy. This extension is super useful for those who target long-tail keywords and need more room for description. You get sufficient space to write a compelling headline and intriguing description. According to the research, the ads with longer copy generates 15% more CTR than the standard ads.

Google Adwords can make a wonderful tool for search engine marketing. Follow these tips and make the most of your PPC campaigns.


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