Hide These Pages from Google on Your Website

hide these pages from google

In general, webmasters and SEO experts believe that the pages that do not perform well in the search engine must be removed from your website. The pages that do not attract a good amount of traffic don’t need to be indexed. 

According to the experts, the traffic your website receives should not be considered as the only determining factor of your content quality. New websites don’t receive significant traffic. But, that doesn’t mean the entire website has to be taken down from search engines. 

The Low-Quality Content

The content quality is the most crucial factor that search engines take into consideration when ranking a website. The articles or posts that are valuable and informative will be ranked higher than the ones with broken English or poor structure.

Now, some webmasters publish content from different authors. As a result, some articles on the websites are incredibly engaging and useful for the audience, while others are structured poorly and are hard to read. This mix makes it difficult for search engines to find valuable pieces of content on your website.

That’s when you need to filter out the poor quality content from your website. Keep the content that you would like your website to be known for. Use no-index to get these pages removed from search engines. 

News Website

Take a news website for example. The news you publish today might receive a considerable amount of traffic for a specific duration. But, it is going to be of no use in a month or two. So, it is not because of the quality of the content, but the news you have published is not trending anymore.

If the news is well-written, properly structured, and easy to read, then you don’t have to remove it from Google. It is absolutely normal for such pages to receive significant traffic for a short while and lose it all in a matter of days. So, it is not because of the quality, but the fact that the pages you have indexed are no longer popular. 

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Determine Low-Quality Content

You can diagnose your website content for quality. You can run an SEO audit on content quality. Just because your website receives low traffic doesn’t mean the content quality isn’t good. You might be receiving low traffic for a number of reasons. Maybe, your niche isn’t popular. Maybe, the niche you have selected is extremely competitive. The chances to rank for these keywords are low because of the competition. Maybe, it is actually because of the poor quality content. So, there are things you can do to diagnose and improve your content quality.

  • Remove thin pages from your website. They can’t help rank your target keywords or bring an organic audience.
  • Update your website from time to time. Outdated information is the number one reason for low traffic and low search engine ranking.
  • Post-High-quality content on a regular basis.

Remember that if you have a webpage that is based on an unpopular niche or topic and is therefore not receiving the traffic like other websites, then it is absolutely fine. There is not much you can do. 

Say No to Unnatural Links

You can take a few steps to boost your website traffic. For example, off-page SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, guest blogging are a few interesting and effective techniques to bring your target audience to your website.

Buying and selling links is considered an offence. You will have to face the penalty if you trade links. So, if you are guest blogging, conduct research on the website first, and never practice link trading.


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