Strategies to Optimize FAQ Page for the Search Engine

Strategies to Optimize FAQ Page for the Search Engine

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is one where the business addresses the common queries and concerns that potential and existing customers have about a product or service. The traffic that an FAQ page attracts is almost as high as the product page. In an effectively optimized FAQ page, customers who reach the FAQ page through a Search Engine are re-routed to the product page. An effectively optimized FAQ page not only plays a key role in attracting more customers, but also reduces the need for direct one-on-one customer service by prominently addressing common queries and needs.

In order to attract and retain customer attention, the FAQ page needs to be optimized. Here is a step by step approach to increase the efficiency of an FAQ Page.

Step 1: Evaluating and Understanding Customer Needs

For any organization, the customer is the king. Hence, it is exceptionally important to understand what the customer needs. For an online product business, instructions on usage, service and delivery are of importance to the customer and need to be addressed in the FAQ Page.

Step 2: Coining of Key Phrases

Based on the evaluation of needs and wants, the business or the seller needs to identify a few keywords and key phrases that need to be incorporated in the FAQ page. The business may coin and shortlist list of common key phrases and make a final selection using tools that indicate the search traffic for a particular phrase.

Step 3: Addressing Customer Needs based on Key Phrases

The most popular key phrases should be used to address customer queries and concerns in the FAQ page. While most customers are led to the product from the home page, many end up directly on the FAQ page while searching for a product using a search engine. Addressing their queries by incorporating these keywords maximizes the possibility of the customer reverting to the homepage to view the product.

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Step 4: Linking the FAQ page to the Product Page for Customer Retention and Feedback

Keywords and other important information such as the product page should be linked to the FAQ Page to ensure ease of navigation to the customer. A poorly linked page reduces customer retention as the customer finds it difficult to go back to the product page. Additionally, providing suitable links while addressing queries also helps the customer see and assess other alternate options available to them.

Step 5 : Frequent Updating and Improvement of Page based to Customer Demand and Supply

As times change, customer requirements and products also change. It is imperative that the FAQ page be updated to reflect the change. Search Engine Optimization for FAQ Pages is a dynamic process that requires monthly or Bi-monthly updates based on the most suited key-phrases at that point of time. Updating the page also plays a role in optimization as newer pages feature higher on the search ladder as compared to their older or obsolete counterparts.


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