Latest Google algorithm update brings UX is the new ranking factor

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Recently, Google has modified its ranking algorithm. A new update that involves the webpage experience as an important ranking factor is expected to be added to Google’s website ranking algorithm. Now, the search engine bots will rank your website based on the customers’ interaction with your brand and webpages. In other words, the websites that receive a large amount of traffic, but do not offer a great user experience might not secure a good rank in the search engine. 


The good news is that this update has not been released yet. In fact, Google has clarified that the changes in the algorithm will take place in 2021. This means webmasters and SEO specialists have enough time to make changes to their websites. Now, one thing is clear - if you want to get your website ranked on the first page of the search results, then you will have to work on the UX (user experience)


What is Webpage Experience?


The recent Google metrics are designed to understand customers’ experience on websites. A number of factors can affect the users’ experience on a webpage. The examples include the loading speed of your pages,  number of irrelevant ads, content structure, content quality, mobile compatibility, and so on. Some of these factors are already included in the search ranking factors. 


Google calls its refinement or the latest metrics that understand customers’ experience of the webpage “core web vitals”. The common aspects of this latest update include the page load time, content stability, and user’s interaction. 


  • The webpage must load faster. It must not take more than 2.5 seconds to load. 
  • It must have the FID of 100 milliseconds or less
  • The CLS should not be more than 0.1
  • Each webpage should be mobile-friendly. Make sure all your pages are compatible with smaller screens since most users use smartphones for Google search.
  • Use Security Issues Report to check the safety of your posts. Your content must not contain malicious links and codes that intend to hack your users’ devices. In other words, you must offer a 100% safe browsing experience to your audience.
  • It has become compulsory for all websites to get an SSL certificate and secure the websites. Your webpages must be published on HTTPS servers.
  • The webpages and content must be accessible to your audience.

Now, if you combine these features, you will know that all fall into the category of page experience. Google clarified that page experience isn’t the ranking factor, rather it is the individual aspects of the page experience update that determines the overall search engine ranking of a website.

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When Will the Page Experience Algorithm Come into Effect?


The new algorithm is not released yet. Google is planning to launch this update to make users’ experience quite convenient. Google has further clarified that no changes will be introduced to the algorithm without six months prior notice.  Basically, Google has given us a heads up. This time it isn’t only because the search engine wants to give us enough time to prepare for the changes and change our websites accordingly, but also because of the pandemic. 


For all those who are wondering about the release date of this update, there isn’t any announcement we have received from Google. The company did mention that the update will be released in 2021. Moreover, the release date will be updated at least six months before the launch date. So, if you have not yet improved the user experience, then it is time to consider these factors. The sooner you modify your webpages, the higher your website will rank in the search engines.


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