How to Get Traffic From Quora – Quora Marketing

May 14,2020  |
How to Get Traffic From Quora – Quora Marketing

When you are searching for answers on Google, the search engine returns with a couple of Quora results. People love to follow Quora to get answers to their technical and casual questions. If the answers are satisfying enough, users will click the URL mentioned in your Quora answer to check the in-depth blog on your website.

That’s how powerful Quora is. This advanced and FREE digital marketing tool can benefit the brand in many ways. For instance, Quora:

  • Builds your brand image
  • Generate referral traffic
  •  Is easy to use
  •  Improve the brand’s image

There are thousands of questions posted on Quora every single day. No matter how technical or uncommon your business niche is, chances are you will find a plethora of Quora questions around your industry. Set up an account on Quora and start answering these questions. The more accurate and informative your answer is, the more people will engage with your brand. Let’s have a look at some other effective tips for boosting your website traffic with Quora marketing.

Generate Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is the indirect traffic that involves people who visit your website through a referral link. All you got to do is write high-quality and precise answers to the Quora questions and insert a link to your blog in the middle of the content.

Ask your users to check out your link for more information. Unlike other social media marketing campaigns, referral traffic is 100% free. It’s the best marketing strategy for startups that plan on building their traffic without having to spend too much on marketing.

While this strategy works wonders in bringing massive referral traffic to your website, never go overboard with promotional links. Quora suspends the account of users who aggressively promote their channels, websites, or brands. Try to place the link strategically so that it looks natural and useful. If you trick people into visiting your website, there’s a good chance Quora will suspend your account.

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Leverage Paid Promotion Strategy

With millions of people using Quora, this digital marketing platform can become a traffic-machine for brands. To turn Quora into your primary source of referral traffic, build a paid marketing campaign and promote your brand by having it displayed more frequently.

Quora enables people to put their brand right in front of their target audience. For example, people searching for the best shampoo for hair loss on Quora will love to check out your hair fall control shampoo brand that appears on the first page.

It is similar to PPC marketing, but Quora advertisements are more effective and results-driven.

Build a Quora Profile

Quora allows people to answer the popular and most-asked questions anonymously. That’s great for those who are using Quora with the sole purpose of helping people. But, if you intend to drive referral traffic from this site, you better consider customizing your Quora profile.

Add a profile picture and write a proper description in your Quora bio. Your users are likely to check your profile if they find your answers accurate and helpful. Moreover, they will love to follow your social accounts and blogs if they like your brand.

Promote All Types of Content

Quora is filled with text-based answers. But, you could also try multimedia content to generate maximum traffic. For instance, a combination of text, images, videos, infographics, links, and audios can boost the audience engagement rate.

It is also considered a quick and easy way to build your brand authority and get people to follow your account for more content.

Tip: Never paste copied content on Quora.

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