Benefits of Paid SEO Audit Tools

Benefits of Paid SEO Audit Tools

Implementing an SEO strategy is not sufficient. You need to run the SEO audit to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines and its SEO ranking is good. The audit checks the overall health of your website and provides the necessary suggestions that could improve the SEO or keyword optimization. SEO audit is important because Google changes its algorithm frequently. Every time they detect a new search pattern, they make modifications in the algorithm to provide the best experience to users. Fortunately, you don’t need to perform SEO audits on your own. There are hundreds of auditing tools out on the online market. These paid tools come with a decent price tag and check your website’s health. Here are some major benefits of paid SEO audit tools:

  • Improving the Page Loading Speed

The most frustrating thing for your customer is a slow loading website. They don’t wait for more than 3 seconds for your page to load. They find it easier to get back to the search results and search for their desired information on your competitors’ website. No matter how wonderful your website is, your customers will not even visit your page if they find it too slow to load.

The SEO audit tool also checks the page loading speed. Not only does it check the current speed of your website but it indicates all the potential reasons that might be hurting your site’s speed. Once you know the areas that are slowing down your website’s speed, you can work on them to improve the loading speed of your website.


  • Check Your Website’s Content

Content is King! For website owners, content is the number 1 factor that determines your website ranking and its potential in the search engine. Google’s primary objective is to provide users with the most relevant search result. That said, it checks your website content to determine how effective your page is. This is no longer an era where you could stuff some keywords and expect Google to display your company on top of the search results when a particular keyword is searched. In fact, you are putting your website at risk by using this poor SEO tactic.

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To ensure that you have not overused the keywords, you need to use the keyword density checker to determine the keyword density in your content. You don’t want your brand to be declared spam just because you couldn’t use your target keywords properly.

  • Check Your Backlinks

Like keyword spamming, backlinks trading was also a major SEO practice in earlier times. As Google’s algorithm improved, it restricted the buying and selling of backlinks. Today, it is the quality of the backlinks that matter than the quantity. If your website receives plenty of backlinks from low-quality websites, then you are at high risk of getting penalized.

To verify your backlinks and ensure that they are not coming from the low-quality website, you must use link checker tools for backlink auditing. A backlink is the most crucial SEO factor for websites. But, it can cause heavy damage if you don’t verify the link sources regularly.

  • Crawling and Website Audits

The website SEO begins with site crawling. The regular website scanning can help you monitor the important SEO and website crawling factors such as bounce rate, page speed, conversion rate, page views, and much more. The crawling audit will present your current website status and the possibility of on-page SEO issues such as duplicate content, broken links, missing or copied meta content, etc.

You don’t need to hire special website maintenance service as long as you are using website audit tools for regular site monitoring. To know more benefits of paid SEO audit tools visit our website elitesiteoptimizer.com


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