3 Best Structured Data Advice for SEO Personnel

Structured Data Advice for SEO Personnel

Search Engine Optimization or SEO management is essential to ensure that your website attracts more web traffic. Moreover, attracting web traffic also involves designing of the website that has well-organized and structured data. SEO experts recommend certain practices for structured data because this prevents pages from appearing as duplicates. Say, for instance, there is duplicate information available in multiple pages, when you organize this data in a structured fashion, then chances of duplication reduce. Moreover, duplicate information will be available on the same page making the website user-friendly and improving user experience. Some of the practices that SEO experts mention that you should follow when it comes to structured data are as follows:

Maintaining quality

When it comes to using structured data, it needs to be well-organized so that the search engine does not identify the content as spam. For example, you mustn't do mark-up content that is not a part of web pages or content that is not displayed to the visitors. Similarly, content such as fake reviews should not get displayed on your website. As an SEO expert, it is essential that you closely evaluate the content uploaded onto the website and accordingly, JSON LD mark-up or HTML. You must ensure that you don't use structured data to mislead your readers as that will be flagged-off by the search engine as spam content and can prove to be detrimental to your website. Hence, while using structured data, it is essential to maintain quality and ensure that the information you provide is genuine.

Using images

Images are another way of attracting organic web traffic to your website. A schema validator can be extremely helpful here in evaluating how your viewer will perceive the particular webpage. You can use structured data to use a single image on a web page or use the nesting of images on a single web page. When you use this user-visible data, these will be marked up as structured data and subsequently make your website easy to understand for the search engines. When you use nesting, you will have to use images with similar data so that the engine can quickly identify the images. This will also make the final web page that gets loaded onto the viewer's server attractive and informative. With structured data, you can also ensure that the end result is also suitable for the viewer.

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Helps pages load faster

When you use structured data, you must ensure that the backlinks are provided so that the pages load quickly. Images must come with URLs that must be indexed. This will help the Search Engine identify the images quickly and load the pages with ease. The web pages must load quickly to retain visitor interest. A part of retaining user interest lies in the fact that the website should load quickly. Structured data can make it easier for web pages to load quickly, and all you need to do to ensure that the images are crawlable and indexable. Moreover, it also helps in improving the ranking of the website on the Search Engine Landing Page. 

Thus, a part of SEO management ensures that the visible information is backed up with structured data. This visible information needs to be backed-up so that if you were to make any changes later on to the website, you could easily do so. Structured data and SEO management have made it easier to search engines to identify websites, rank them, and direct web traffic to the relevant web pages. It simplifies the entire process of searching for websites and makes all information visible to the user.


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