Top Ways to Use Twitter for Improved Search Engine Rankings

Top Ways to Use Twitter for Improved Search Engine Rankings

You are missing out on a great marketing opportunity if you aren’t using Twitter to promote your content in 2019. With millions of active accounts on Twitter, this social media channel is a perfect medium for your brand promotion and better search engine rankings.

Why Use Twitter for Search Engine Ranking?

Did you know that the search engines consider social media likes, comments, and other such signals to rank your website on Google? Research suggests; the more likes and shares your social media post receive, the higher the ranking you get on the search engines. The good news is you don’t have to spend time, money, and efforts in promoting your content on Twitter. You only need to post on this platform regularly, and you’re done!

According to Statista, Twitter has millions of active accounts and it allows you to reach out to a vast audience.

Twitter active accounts

But the question is, where should you start? Or, how to build a great profile that helps you connect with your target audience in Google and Twitter? Here we’ve come up with some interesting and effortless methods of using twitter for spreading brand awareness. Read on.

Promote Your Twitter Account

Twitter allows you to promote your content on this platform, and thus, rank higher on the search engines. So, how should you promote your Twitter account and get your business in front of your target audience?

The first and the easiest way of Twitter promotion is “Tweets Promotion“. Promoted tweets are no different from the usual tweets, except for the fact that these tweets are put in front of the people who don’t follow you. People viewing your promoted tweets can re-tweet, like, and share the content. However, you need to choose a paid Twitter plan to enjoy this benefit. You can even promote your entire Twitter account. Research suggests that 85% of people discover a brand-new company through the “promoted Twitter account” feature.

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Use Right Hashtags

Another way of promoting your Twitter account and the Tweets is hashtags. You only get to use a limited number of hashtags as you can only tweet 260 characters post. However, you can still utilize the hashtag strategy to bring more traffic to your Twitter account. Make sure that the hashtag you use is relevant to your brand or post.

For example, you don’t want to use “#WhyIStayed” to support your shoe company. This hashtag is used for sharing your stories on how you cope with domestic violence. Just because it is trending doesn’t mean you can add it to your Tweet and promote your brand, which is not at all relatable.

Use Target Keywords Appropriately

Webmasters stuff their website with the necessary keywords to help people find their company in the crowded space. You can use the same strategy on Twitter. Find your target keywords and add them straight to your Twitter bio. Make sure that you use the same keywords while posting pictures, writing captions, and using hashtags. The only way of getting in front of your target audience (without opting for a paid plan) is using relevant keywords in your Twitter post. This will allow you to gain maximum exposure and a decent amount of organic traffic to your website.

Find Your Audience

The good news is Twitter allows you to target a specific audience and have your advertisement displayed to their timeline. As soon as you start your Twitter campaign, your ads will be displayed to your target audience (in their timeline as well as search).

This is how you can improve your search engine rankings through Twitter. The more people you manage to attract on Twitter, the higher your SERP is.

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