Top Strategies to Enhance the Mobile User Experience

Sep 19,2019  |
Top Strategies to Enhance the Mobile User Experience

The success of the retail store is often linked to the online customer experience. No matter whether you own a small retail outlet or a multinational company, designing a user-friendly website and mobile app are the only possible way to present your company in front of the audience.

Everyone knows how mobile users are increasing day by day. As smartphones are convenient and easy-to-use devices, a majority of people prefer to perform their daily shopping using mobile apps. In fact, the era when people would visit an eCommerce website and wait for it to load so that they can make purchases is long gone. Today, customers want a fast and reliable method of placing an order and getting product delivery at their doorstep. So, how can you design a mobile app that improves the mobile shopping experience of your users and gains their retention? Here’s how.

Create a Mobile Compatible App

It might be a no-brainer fact for an experienced mobile app developer, but necessary to note that apps are designed considering the target audience of the brand. The process of developing an app for iOS users and Android user differ considerably. Do you want to design your app for both Apple and Android users? Or do you think most of your users have Android devices? Either way, you must design an app that is compatible with the particular platform you are targeting.

Studies suggest a mobile app that doesn’t work seamlessly with the platform (that it was designed for) is likely to lose as much as 77% of its customers within the first few days of its launch.

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Use the Right On-barding Process

The first impression of your brand can make or break its value in the online market. Be it opening an eCommerce website or installing a mobile app; the on-boarding process should provide the users with easy and useful guidance on how to get the best out of the app. Here’s how you can get right with the on-boarding process.

  • Allow users to get a super quick tour of the entire app and all the necessary features that can help them use your app.
  • Only include the core features of your app on the first page
  • Use an intuitive design and interesting color palettes, preferably the ones that fill your customers with motivation.
  • Never force your customer to go through the on-boarding process. Make the skip option accessible so that they can skip the tour if they already know how to use the app.
  • Create an onboard process that offers a seamless and interesting user experience.

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Make the Contact option Accessible

The last thing you want from your mobile app users is to leave your app a negative review in the app store. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, provide the users with a 24/7 support desk. Your users must be able to solve their problems, find suggestions, and report complaints here. Create an easy-to-use communication channel and solve all the queries related to your mobile app.


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