Do Spelling and Grammar Matter for SEO?

Nov 21,2019  |
Do Spelling and Grammar Matter for SEO?

Spell and Grammer Checker for SEO

As the competition in online marketing is increasing, people are ready to embrace every latest website trend and Google algorithm to rank their website on top of the search engines. Content is King. The content on your website is the deciding factor for your SERP Ranking. Sure, there are many ways to improve your SEO. But when it comes to customer engagement and retention, only website content works.  The well-structured content is the one that provides information in the easiest and comprehensible language. But, what about grammar and spellings? Even the native speakers don’t have a brilliant grasp on punctuation, grammar, sentence construction, spellings, and language. They use the best grammar checker tool to correct their wrong spellings and improve the grammar and readability of their content. So, does the poor grammar or an improper sentence construction hurt your SEO ranking? Well, no!

As far as grammar is concerned, you can rest assured that Google does not demote your website for not using proper grammar. The only thing they restrict is copied content.

Should You Spell the Keywords Wrong to Get Highest Ranking?

Earlier, webmasters would insert misspelled keywords in order to get high search rankings. Visitors have a habit of typing the wrong keywords or misspelled keywords when searching for the products or information online. To rank their website for these wrong spellings, the webmaster would add the incorrect keywords.

But that era is long gone! Today, using the wrong spelling for your target keywords to make your website appear for misspelled searches is not going to work. This strategy was used years ago when Google’s ranking algorithm wasn’t strict enough to catch these poor ranking tactics. Nowadays, the primary goal of Google is to provide the most relevant results to the customer search query. Even if your customers misspell the words feature will correct their spelling and display results accordingly.

Can Misspelled Keywords Lower Your Website Ranking?

Well, Google didn’t take long to identify this clever tactic of SEO strategists. It implemented the autocorrect feature that rectifies the typed spelling before, during, and after the search. As mentioned before, Google corrects all the misspelled words. The webmasters are wrong if they think their misspelled keywords will rank their website for incorrect searches. In fact, you are putting your website at risk by inserting incorrect keywords. Recently, Google has declared that the websites with overused misspelled target keywords will be considered spam.

If SEO strategists keep on using this tactic to rank their website, then Google will penalize them and lower their websites ranking in search engines.

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The autocorrect and spelling feature of Google is expected to get better over time. As of now, the grammar of your content is not a big matter. Google does not consider it to decide your website’s ranking. However, grammar checker plays an integral part in crafting high-quality content. That being said, Google is expected to include the grammar and spelling factors soon in its website ranking algorithm.

Why You Must Use Proper Grammar and Spelling?

Many webmasters use Spell Checker tools to ensure that their content is free of grammar errors. Sure, grammar and spelling don’t affect your website ranking. But, it lowers the worth of your online webpage. Customers find it difficult to read and understand the misspelled and grammatically incorrect blogs.

Additionally, they don’t trust your website if it’s filled with lots of grammatically wrong sentences or spelling errors. You must use the SEO audit tool or the spell check in word feature to free your posts from grammar issues. Good Luck!


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