A Sneak Peek into Techniques of Keyword Research

A Sneak Peek into Techniques of Keyword Research

Is it just about keying in phrases on the search box for information?

Apparently, it is a lot more than that. Keyword research is probably the cardinal aspect of search engine optimization. Even the slightest misjudgment will break the complete functioning of your website. Keyword research is a perennially researched topic. Without exaggeration it is true enough that keyword research is the backbone of an optimized and well performing website.

So, is keyword research just about the inclusion of probably optimal words related to the content here and there over the web page? No. It involves a highly analytic and streamlined approach. That will help to comprehend the purpose of the website and other techniques to zero down on the appropriate keywords.

Concluding on the Right keywords:

Short listing the apt keywords for your website could be a tedious task and it does not happen overnight. It involves systematic planning and techniques to finally put the keywords to practice. Another side of the coin is that these keywords are not constant and it is necessary  to update with changing preferences of your customer base. So, stay on your heels and feed your website content with timely keywords and relevant stuff.

  • The foremost thing for you to start will be to understand the niche areas of your business space. Areas which have become popular amongst your target audience and that commands attention. Start with a research of such areas and begin pinning down keywords based on such topics.
  • Maintain a list of the areas of interest by analyzing your website traffic. Spaces which have attracted viewers could be in demand.
  • Never hesitate to take a plunge into your competitor website. Equip yourself with a comparative study for better information about areas you need to focus.
  • Make a note of all these and begin penning down your set of keywords. Take the help of a keyword research tool which will tell you about how much the keyword works practically. Include these reports in your study too.
  • Following discussions in technical forums also gives a closer idea of the customer expectations. These forums might also play an important role in handpicking the right keywords.

The reverse technique in search engine optimization:

Though search engine optimization is a common term used for tweaking user-friendly and educational content based on customer interest, it is used by different organizations in vivid ways. A popular search term/keyword that is relevant and important for a large organization turn out to be prospective for SMBs and vice versa. It is this aspect of SEO which strategists should not miss out on. This is called the reverse psychology technique in search engine optimization. As the term refers to a keyword used in a context for branded organizations could give exemplary results for smaller organizations. The other-way-round is true too.

Let us take an example to analyze this technique further:

“Enterprise solutions” is the keyword in example. Enterprise Solutions are for large organization. However simpler solutions that perform the same functions as that of an enterprise solution is also a very prevalent market.  Now, consider you are a business owner offering a miniature to enterprise solution. Nonetheless, for SMBs you could still make use of the keyword “Enterprise Solutions” in right context to attract your target audience.

It is in the hands of the SEO experts to leave no stone unturned to churn out maximum output of their online presence.

Role of a SEO automation tool:

As we see search engine optimization is all about hits and misses. Such tried and tested keywords need to be finally monitored with regard to their performance. A SEO automation tool such as Elite site optimizer will equip you with the competency to drill down into every functionality of your website. Features like the missed opportunities report & SEO and mobile keyword analysis report feature provides a granular outlook of the web page behavior. The site explorer feature checks for on-page optimization issues like missing title tags, description tags, ALT tags and so on. Not limited to this, choose to generate comprehensive reports empowered by BI for facilitating simple interpretations. SEO experts recommend, marketing specialists to have a multi-dimensional view of their web page performance at different instances along with pointers on where issues arose and fix them at the source. SEO strategists can completely depend on this unified source of information and make speedy critical business decisions at ease.

Have you begun your keyword research yet? Adopt the right SEO tool for an outsmarting web-page from the get-go!


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