How to Use SlideShare for Driving Traffic?

Apr 02,2020  |
How to Use SlideShare for Driving Traffic?

Being the 8th most popular social network, SlideShare receives over 60 million visitors. This content distribution platform is especially known for helping bloggers, freelancers, and content marketing teams to drive traffic to a website and generate qualified leads. 

In fact, the studies suggest that SlideShare receives 500% more traffic from brands than Twitter and YouTube. With that being said, including SlideShare in your marketing strategy can make a big difference in your content or brand promotion. Let’s see how this easy and effective strategy can be used for generating traffic.

Start with Research

The SlideShare with no accurate or researched information cannot go viral. Presentations that collect hundreds of thousands of views are created with strong research

Select a suitable topic, search it on the internet, read Quora answers and expert views to get a proper insight into the topic. You will need to credit a particular website, book, or blog when using content from other platforms. 

Create Engaging Slides

Slides somewhat resemble infographics. Viewers like visual content when it comes to online marketing. They’re likely to stick around the website if you create high-quality and compelling content. Even though slides only contain texts, they are an engaging form of marketing. Some quick tips for making unique SlideShare presentations are:

  • Make it simple and clear
  • Create aesthetically pleasing slides
  • Stay consistent with your brand image, fonts, style, size, and design
  • Optimize your slides for mobile
  • Use a story format to make it more interesting

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Write a Compelling Title and Description

Users will not even open your website link to check how talented you are if they don’t like the title of your SlideShare. Like blogs and articles, the title of your SlideShare presentations should be eye-catching and relevant. It should draw the attention of your users and drive them to your website. According to the research, 80 out of 100 people will read the title to decide if they should continue reading the post or not.

One way to stand out from your competitors is by using brand characters. Include the brand character name in your title, for example, 10 Exciting Facts Ray Hamming has Taught Us About Fashion. 

Increase the Visibility of Your SlideShare

SlideShare has helped many brands achieve success and garner lots of traffic. The best part is that you can grow the visibility of your SlideShare using some proven strategies. Let’s have a look at the important tips for driving a significant amount of organic traffic:

  • Optimize your SlideShare for search engines by targeting long-tail and less competitive keywords. 
  • Try to keep the filename as short and crisp as possible. It should be easy to type and search-friendly. 
  • Insert the brand relevant keyword in the title and description
  • Keep it relevant to your brand and maintain brand consistency


Follow these tips and use the SlideShare Content Reach to find progress. You can even buy the Pro version to place lead forms in your slides and gather email leads.

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