Role of SEO Tool in Digital Marketing

Role of SEO Tool in Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting maximum hits/traffic from organic, natural, free or editorial search results on search engines. The success rate of a business on the internet is based on the level of Search Engine Optimization their website is in. SEO Tool forms an integral part of any digital marketing strategy applied to a business. In other words, it is a focused element of an overall holistic approach to promote a business over the internet. The primary focus on this approach would be to ensure that your website ranks higher in any search engine results that will further increase the traffic on your website and eventually an increase in business. SEO Tool is a milestone check point for all digital marketers.

By running a site audit, the business has the ability to appear on the top of search results of any search engine and that defines the success of that particular domain.

Role of an SEO professional in Digital Marketing:

Let’s look at the role of John, an SEO professional. On simple terms, John performs SEO on your domain. He is the one on whom you will have to rely upon to perform a complete site audit and increase the hits on your domain which will in turn help you enhance your business. John clearly validates the performance of your website/domain in various search engines by performing a deep analysis through a wide range of reports and information.

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SEO Tool:

John uses an SEO tool to perform keyword analysis, broken link checker analysis, link checker analysis, rank analysis and provide maximum optimization to your domain. The reports that are generated as result of these analysis is used to boost your website on search results of any search engine and therefore provide more hits on your website. The tool John was using had limited capacity and less agility. So, John started looking for a powerful tool to excel in his work.

Elite Site Optimizer:

Elite Site Optimizer (ESO) is a revolutionary SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool that ensures maximum website optimization. This site audit tool helps the users to enhance the performance of their website and/or increase the visibility of their content by providing key focus on the following things,

  • Mobile ranking analysis
  • Keyword ranking analysis

The answer to John’s quest was immediate when he found this tool as it allowed him to validate the performance of your website/Domain in various search engines by performing a deep analysis and providing various reports based on rank, competitor, page-wise rank, site audit report, on page SEO elements report, missed opportunities report, broken link checker, social signal tracking, etc.,

Apart from this, the Elite Site Optimizer has an additional feature called custom reports builder that allows domain owners and SEO professionals like John to build and receive custom report. This SEO automation tool helps marketers identify on-page issues, top performing pages and top action items.

The key features are,

  • Site Audit
  • Link Checker Analysis
  • Backlinks
  • Mobile keyword ranking analysis
  • Social Signal tracking
  • Analytics
  • Top Action items
  • Branded vs Non-branded keywords
  • Top performing pages report
  • Opportunities report
  • Custom reports
  • API

Thus, Elite Site Optimizer is a complete SEO Automation package that provides deep insight on the performance of any business and increase business opportunities.


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