Nine Effective Instagram Tips to Ensure Profitability in Business

Nine Effective Instagram Tips to Ensure Profitability in Business

To a vast multitude of online netizens, Instagram is a goldmine of a social media networking website that ensures a profitable business. One of the main reasons is because this social media platform allows featured accounts that centralize on niches such as fashion, retail, and electronics where businesses are able to feature pictures and videos on their products. If your business is looking to increase profitability, it is recommended to create an Instagram account and follow these 9 effective tips.

Brand your Instagram content.

Branding your Instagram content means creating an Instagram account for your business and using that account to post content using your business name. When you use your business name as you post content with hashtags, people will click on these and will be linked to your Instagram business account. Instant social media marketing!

Use hashtags.

Hashtags play a role as a Metadata, which turns phrases into clickable links. When you post content with a hashtag containing your brand, people will easily have access to your Instagram page.

Invest on videos.

A lot of people are usually very busy and most do not have the time to read full articles and other written content. By posting high quality short videos of your products, services, and other offers, you give these people the chance to find out about who you are in a matter of seconds.

Build your following with an Instagram hashtag contest.

A very effective Instagram marketing campaign that will help your business is a hashtag contest because you earn more followers, increase engagement, and make your loyal customers feel special by rewarding them. A good hashtag contest example is to ask your followers to snap a unique photo with your product. You could reward the victor by giving them a month’s free supply of your products or services.

Make your product look good.

For your business to sell more, you need to consider looking more professional. Invest on high quality cameras, video recorders, and photo editors to state a few. Presentation is an essential marketing tool that will convince people that your product is better than those available in the marketplace.

Only post high- res, professional images.

A picture says a thousand words. A high-definition picture says 2,000 words. Imagine selling food on Instagram and the pictures of your food look enticing and delicious to say the least. Imagine how many orders your business will receive immediately. This is the power of high-resolution, professional images.

Give people behind the scenes look.

Giving online followers behind the scenes looks of how your products work and how your services are administered will give them a more personal look at your business. It shows them what they can expect from you as a business and what separates you from your competitors. It also makes them more familiar which produces trust, a very important ingredient at being able to sell more.

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Try a seamless feed.

One of the latest tricks being used on Instagram marketing is creating a seamless feed of your pictures and videos, which is sort of like a photo collage but in a multitude of media platforms. Creating this type of content may require a couple of photography sessions but the investment is worth it. Your content will be catchy, unique, and most importantly; show your audience that you are a top-notch organization.

Plan the right time for your posts:

Dive deep through user analytics to understand your target audience better and choose the right time to post to reach audience effectively. You can also use the ‘Best Time To Post’ feature of Instagram to schedule your posts better.

Using Instagram is opening the floodgates of opportunity for your business. You can post 2 to 5 times a day and your content will reach people on global scale. Imagine how many people will be interested in what your business offers and imagine how many of these interests will convert into profit.


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