If you have a website that has several blogs and articles, then it is a good idea to check these write-ups carefully for overuse of keywords. Keyword cannibalization occurs when the same keyword is used in similar articles or blogs. This is applicable even for the content written on your website as well. Make sure that the matter does not come across as keyword cannibalization if overuse of keywords occurs, then Google won't know how to rank the pages on the search engine. Each webpage is connected with a separate URL, and hence, these will be displayed as separate search results. Therefore it is necessary to use the keywords carefully so that it does not come across as overuse of keywords. Some of the features of the keyword cannibalization and how you can solve the problem are as follows:

Understanding keyword cannibalization

When you do Keyword analysis, it is essential to check the use of keywords as in where and how the keywords are being used. Make sure that the same keyword is not used too often on the same webpage. An essential part of Search Engine Optimization or SEO analysis is evaluating the usage of keywords. If a keyword is used too often, the search engine will flag it as overuse of the keyword and your page will get ranked lower in the search engine landing page. Keyword cannibalization is also a form of overuse of keywords. Here the same keyword will be used multiple times in different webpages. The search engine can get confused. This can produce two results. One all the webpages will be ranked lower in the search engine landing page or secondly the same URLs will be displayed consequently. This will make it difficult for the visitor to navigate to the correct webpage and reduce your web traffic. Visitors will not find your company's website comfortably.

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Solving the issue of keyword cannibalization

To improve user experience and increase the ranking of your company's website, it is crucial to identify the causes of keyword cannibalization and then solve it. Some of the simplest ways that you can solve this problem are as follows:

  • Check the articles carefully and if you see that a particular keyword is being used in more than one article, then combine the articles to form a single readable article.
  • There is no problem if it is one long article as there is no issue of overuse and repetition of the keyword.
  • Evaluate the articles and opt for SEO analysis so that your company’s website receives a higher ranking.
  • If you have two similar products on your website, then try to avoid keyword cannibalization by highlighting only the unique features. This will also make it easier for the user to identify the unique features of the products and will prevent any form of uncertainty.

Thus, keyword cannibalization can be easily prevented with a certain amount of analysis and evaluation. All you need to do is check the matter that is being uploaded to the website against the specific URLs. This will also ensure that the website matter is also unique and additionally prevent overuse of keywords.

The importance of SEO analysis lies in the fact that website ranking is essential to attract web traffic to the website. If you want more web traffic visiting your online portal, your website must rank higher in the search engine page. For this, it is essential that the keywords are used optimally and overused and not cannibalized. This will also prevent the search engine from getting confused and not drag down the webpages.


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