How to Get a Google Featured Snippets?

How to Get a Google Featured Snippets?

In recent times when everyone is running after high-quality backlinks and social media mentions, you can generate organic traffic without off-site SEO optimization. Of course, off-site SEO is important, but we have come up with a technique that can help you get your page ranked on the top of the search engines without having to pitch for backlinks. Wondering how you can do that? Read on.

What are Featured Snippets?

You might have seen a URL that ranks on Zeroth position on the search engines. These URLs appear two times i.e., on the Zeroth ranking and the first page of Google search results. These posts that outperform the highest Google ranking page are known as featured snippets. When you have your page listed on the top position, you can be rest assured that your website will receive a large amount of organic traffic and even conversions. This is because users are likely to click on the first URL they see on search engines. The featured snippets can be in the form of tables, bullet points, paragraphs, and even videos. Here’s how you can rank on Zeroth position.

Outperform Your Competitors

The best way to discover snippets opportunities is to think like your visitors. What questions does your audience have? How are your competitors answering it? Do they still have some unanswered queries? Do you think you can provide a better and in-depth post on a particular query? The better your content is, the higher the chances that your post will be featured in the snippets. Google carefully reviews the post before featuring it on the Zeroth ranking. Hence, it is important to create a detailed guide that actually solves your audience’s query. Some of the common headers you must cover in your post are:

  • What
  • When
  • How 
  • And, Who

Only the relevant post that could answer the visitor’s query is listed on the Zeroth position. So, the first strategy to getting to that level is optimizing your content for snippets and outperforming your competitors.

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Find Out What People are Looking for

When you type your target keyword in Google’s type bar, you will find a section “People also Ask” just below the featured snippets. That’s where you are going to get the ideas for your next post. There are so many questions listed in this section. What you need to do is click on each question and read the post. Do you think you can create a detailed blog where all these questions are answered? If you want to earn featured snippets, that’s exactly what you have to do. 

Rank #1 On Search Engines

Sure, your post can rank on Zeroth position even if your URL doesn’t appear on the first page of the search results. However, websites that rank on the first page have a higher possibility of getting featured in the snippets. To rank #1, you need to improve your on-site SEO strategies such as keyword research, loading speed, internal linking, meta description, and so on.


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