Holiday marketing: Get the data that puts you ahead of the competition

holiday marketing

When you are a marketer you don’t have time to plan your holiday plans because all your time gets spent on predicting customer behavior during the holidays. Forecasting customer preferences during the holidays and optimizing the campaigns accordingly is the need of the hour.

Customer preferences change rapidly and your job as a marketer would be to stay in tune with these and implement successful digital marketing strategies based on them. Here are some of the tips you should follow to increase your traffic during the holidays:

  • Predicting customer psychology

You would have to compare the holiday sales of the previous years to see how traffic percentage has peaked. While looking at the figures, you will also be able to understand on which days during the holiday season customers visit your eCommerce site the most. For instance, if the previous year's data shows that there was not a significant increase in traffic during the yester deals, but during Christmas customers were accepting the offers wholeheartedly, then you will have to design your campaigns accordingly.

  • Conduct competitor analysis

Now that you have got a hint of what is going on in the minds of your customers, you will have to create an aggressive marketing strategy for the holidays. Before doing that, ideally, you should follow up on the strategies followed by your rivals to see whether it has brought them successful results. After you have some data in your hand, you can then proceed to keyword researching to determine the Keyword rank of those you have used. It is always a good idea to review your existing keyword strategies so as to enhance the SEO friendliness of your website. The basic principle of SEO says that all the keywords you use should be associated with your business; also the content of each of your web pages should be topic-specific.

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  • Analyze keyword-specific searches 

During the holiday season, you along with other brands offer deals and discounts to attract consumers. But do you know about the exact searches your customers are making in response to the holiday deals? This is a great opportunity for you to put in the exact keywords your consumers are searching for. If you manage to sprinkle keywords strategically, you can even win the consumers of your competitors. There are a couple of keyword research tools in which after putting in a few inputs you can see the trending keywords season-wise and the keywords your peers have been using to lure consumers. You can also determine whether any affiliate websites are contributing to this increased seasonal traffic.

  • Build strong affiliate partnerships

There would be some customers who are never going to believe the credibility of the seasonal deals you offer. That is why they make it a point to visit 3rd party affiliate websites to review the deals and shortlist the best deals amongst a bunch. Similarly, the display ads strategy will also work hugely in your favor by driving high traffic in your online store. When the display ad publisher will post your ad on your behalf, consumers will assume your offerings to be great value for money and as a result, you will receive a chunk of revenue during the holidays.

  • Historic sales data crunching

It is essential to analyze the sales data of the previous years to know what you might be expecting this year. You can download the data from reliable sources and check which marketing channel is responsible for the most revenue contribution. Afterward, you can pay some attention to the referral sites you want to partner with so as to maximize your revenue.

You would be able to optimize your digital strategies only after collecting reliable data from your competitor. Start building aggressive marketing mantras so as to gear up for the winter games!


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