About a Basic Crawling Management SEO

About a Basic Crawling Management SEO

Ranking high on SERP does not happen overnight. It is actually an able implementation of a systematic marketing strategy which would greatly contribute to reaping maximum benefits for the organization. Such benefits would include attracting more traffic to the website, improving the overall web page performance and thereby a better rank on Google. So is that all about SEO? Search engine optimization is vast and understanding every intricate process is not that easy. To boil down, the three very basic components of search engine optimization are:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking

To be more specific, SEO is grounded on these three factors. Let us now try and understand more about crawling and how it could help in SEO.

Crawl Management:

To attain a successful marketing strategy, simply overlooking your web page will not help in anyway. Every web page involves multiple navigation and functionalities. Each and every process needs scrutiny and close monitoring from time to time. Crawling which is done by Google bots as the name suggests, crawls through every link, nook and corner of your web page to find broken links, missing links, 404 error pages and so on. With crawling, web pages are exhaustively checked for bottlenecks. Appropriate changes based on this can avoid any hindrance in web page behavior.

Crawl management could be successful if your web page has a clutter-free framework. When the navigation across the web page is clear and error-free and internal links are highly understandable. It also includes the overall clarity of your sitemap with appropriate categorization and a structured website on the whole.

Impact of Elite Site Optimizer:

Elite site optimizer, a next-gen automated tool for search engine optimization takes charge of the complete end-to-end process of crawling for your website with the highest degree of detailing, ensuring not to miss out on any part of your web page for the best results. Elite site optimizer is equipped with out-of-the-box features like site audit, missed opportunities report and internal link checker analysis.

The site audit feature conducts an overall scrutiny of the entire web page to find issues like broken links, missing titles, H1titles, 404 error pages and so on. The missed opportunities report on the other hand generates an exhaustive report on the possibly missed opportunities. This report throws light on aspects of target keywords; total search volume and possible recommendations to improve potential traffic to the web page. Again, the link checker analysis supports organizations to scan through every link in the web page. It looks for any possible error like a misdirected link or a bad link in your web page. Customers coming in search of information to the web page would definitely feel disappointed if they find a bad link. This would have a hard impact on the traffic to your website. Internal link checker analysis by ESO takes charge of this aspect.

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How ESO Could Help:

Elite Site Optimizer backs marketers with critical information about the web page like:
  • Missing H1 tags
  • Missing description
  • Duplicate H1 tags
  • Missing ALT tag
  • Missing canonical URLS

With such granular information from ESO, strategists can easily make changes in their website and accomplish a successful crawling process thereby adding on to their SERP ranking and a potential ROI.


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