What is an Elite site optimizer? A complete Guide to Elite Site Optimizer Features

Elite Site Optimizer

Elite Site Optimizer (ESO) is the ultimate search engine optimization and website performance solution from eGrove Systems. ESO offers optimum website optimization by focusing on comprehensive SEO assessment, website performance, and website accessibility.

Keyword rank analysis, on-page metric streamlining, and detailed internal link analysis are among its SEO website improvement capabilities.

End-to-end usability metrics such as UX score, code audit, PDF audit, responsiveness, URL check, HTML components, AMP, website security, and content quality are included in the website accessibility and performance analysis tools.

Accessibility (ally), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), Authoring Tools Accessibility (ATA), Language Accessibility, and Mobile Accessibility are some of the standards used by Elite Site Optimizer to assess accessibility.

Elite Site Optimizer advocates for the use of the most sophisticated and powerful technologies, such as Search Engine Optimization and Custom crawler development, to shape the success of online enterprises in the current e-commerce era.

Here are Elite Site Optimizer's top ten SEO features:

Discover and use the power of 60+ tools to audit and optimize your website.

Dashboard for Site Optimization:

The standard ESO dashboard displays high-level traffic figures as well as a view of SEO elements such as ranking status, on-page optimization issues, internal link errors, and visibility score. The dashboard also provides an assessment of the website's accessibility, user experience, and performance. The ‘On-Page SEO Element Extractor' may also provide significant drill-down information on elements such as missing canonical characteristics, missing H1 tags, pictures with no ALT tags, page performance and loading speed, and more.

Web Page Performance Analysis:

The Web Page Performance Analysis function may be used by web agencies and SEO specialists to analyze whether their pages are providing a high-quality experience to users who visit various search engines and mobile platforms.

This part assists you in analyzing your online channel based on three primary factors: UX, Accessibility, and Web Performance, Code audit based on W3C standards and PDF audit, and Instant On-page audit.

Simply enter the desired URL to have access to a variety of Site Optimization stats.

Link Checker Analysis:

The Link Checker Analysis examines every link on the domain and reports on its state and functioning, allowing you to prevent broken or inaccurate links. The ESO Link Checker Analysis gives information on:

Links to useful information

Successful connections

Internally redirected live links

Client error hyperlinks

Links to server errors

Furthermore, the Link Checker section includes information on Backlinks in comparison to rivals, as well as average ranking statistics.

Analytics Console:

ESO interacts with Google Webmaster and Analytics accounts to deliver vital statistics such as search query reports, best-performing pages, and domain traffic data. The information is organized according to desired landing pages, social networks, and search engines.

Other top action reports from this function are the Branded vs. Non-Branded Keywords Report and the Missed SEO Opportunities Report.

Rank Analysis:

This tool assists site owners in understanding their web channels and performance based on selected keywords, including a comparison to rival sites, page-wise ranking, plus mobile rating for mobile sites, and Zeroth/featured snippet ranking. In this part, the target keywords may be compared to the data of your rivals.

ESO Rank Analysis delivers informative data to assist site owners in making educated decisions on how to maintain high-ranking sites and optimize low-ranking pages.

On-Page Analysis

ESO's On-page Analysis delivers information about the strengths and weaknesses of your SEO across all domain pages. ESO solves technical concerns so you can spend your time brainstorming how to increase your website's ranking on search engines with the aid of ESO's analytics. The On-page Analysis tool searches all of your website's HTML components and detects page-specific errors. It may prioritize concerns from high to low, page by page, and take advice on how to enhance your site's presentation.

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Content Audit:

Examine your website content for readability concerns in order to lower your bounce rate and increase visitor engagement. Get a readability score to ensure that the language is easy to grasp, and spell check for problems that make your site look unprofessional.

Poorly ordered material should be formatted using headings, subheadings, and readily readable paragraphs. Use ESO's statistics to check how pages perform once the content has been optimized.

Schema Validator:

Checks the structured data on your page is working properly to direct search engine traffic to specific sorts of sites and that the pages support featured snippets. According to Schema.org and Google standards, ESO can assess Microdata, RDF-a, and JSON-LD syntax. View schema status in a scheduled site-wide report or on particular pages.

Sitemap Generator:

Sitemaps help users and search engine bots navigate your website. It can be tough to maintain sitemaps for large sites, but ESO can build XML, HTML, Image, and Video sitemaps whenever you need them, designing them to index every page on your site and keeping you up to date. Sitemaps adhere to sitemaps.org criteria in order to better satisfy your users' needs and increase SEO.

Plagiarism Checker:

The ESO Plagiarism Checker tool is a dependable and fast piece of software that offers each user information on how similar their web page content is to that of other sites. The domain owner just enters their domain URL, and the Plagiarism Checker creates an easy-to-read report indicating which web page content requires more originality.

Elite Site Optimizer Services:

The following services are available: 

  •  Performance-based SEO
  • Custom Crawler Service

What exactly is performance-based SEO?

Performance-based SEO services focus on e-commerce websites' missing potential in terms of traffic, ranking, sales, and lead generation. ESO's team will begin by analyzing competitors and then execute SEO tactics to boost website performance.

Pay for Results Advantages of our Pay-for-Performance SEO Plans

Pay only when you notice an increase in income, making our service low-risk.

All of our strategies are cost-to-benefit based.

Our service is designed to be adaptable.

ESO guarantees open communication by including you or a customer manager from your end in every stage of developing a strong SEO approach.

This process is easily scalable and may run in parallel for all of your other websites if necessary; however, each one has its own planning framework.

To accomplish the desired results, a team of highly experienced specialists will be assembled.

Custom Crawlers Service:

ESO creates specialized web crawlers that assist you in extracting website bugs, whether the site is crawled during the development stage, staging server, or live scenarios. Custom crawlers can also assist you in detecting broken links (404s), server issues, and SEO gaps, all of which are critical to optimizing your ROI.


Elite Site Optimizer (ESO) is eGrove Systems' ultimate search engine optimization and website performance solution. ESO's features such as rank analysis, on-page SEO analysis, internal links, content inspection, and performance inspection set it apart from its competitors and are a natural choice for users seeking a great website optimization experience.

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