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Optimize your website to perform and rank better.

The Elite site optimizer generates data visualized reports which are backed by Tableau and BI. These reports are extremely detailed and help the viewers understand its intricacies without guidance. The top action item feature is a unique aspect of the ESO tool as this report not only lists the various areas of improvement but also categorizes the list based on priority. With this report, website owners can attend to technical concerns without disturbing the website performance.

Optimizing your website

Elite Site Optimizer is programmed to be a suitable and fitting tool for optimizing your website. It generates an array of reports based on which you can analyze and optimize your website to perform and rank better. It brings to light the areas that need improvement. However, while you sit down to make amends it becomes quite confusing where to begin and how to go about it. There are so many factors to tackle and it becomes quite cumbersome to decide what needs immediate attention and what can be dealt with later. Prioritizing becomes key.

Top action items report

To help with prioritizing the tasks at hands, one of the essential features of the Elite Site Optimizer is the top action items report. This report gives a thorough insight to the domain owner based on the data analyzed by ESO. The SEO high priority items report helps in optimizing and prioritizing the SEO tasks for a particular domain, thereby allowing you to arrive at calculable decisions. Armed with this valuable information, you can move forward and begin addressing the issues at hand.

Features it is packed with

  • The varied types of SEO audit action items include missing/duplicate titles, server response time, missing canonical URLs, Missing ALT tags, server errors, broken links, bounce rate, keywords and pages with low traffic, etc.
  • Based on an action item’s importance, severity and the impact it can cause to a domains performance, it is grouped under varied categories such as High, Medium and Low.
  • The action items that fall under the High category needs immediate attention, and subsequently for Medium, followed by the Low category that does not hold as much importance as the other action items.
  • For instance ‘Missing titles’ action item is placed under the High category whereas ‘Broken links’ comes under the Medium category.
  • In this manner, you have a clear-cut vision on how to proceed with the fixing of the SEO issues.

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