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Introducing Elite Site Optimizer - the comprehensive toolset for SEO analytics, research, and automation. We’ve tailored our SEO tools for applications across different industries and user goals, but we always understand that your needs come first. Whatever your goals, ESO can be the solution for you.

Elite Site Optimizer is ideal for users looking to:


Boost Discoverability for eCommerce Businesses

ESO drives organic traffic to your product pages, building your customer base and driving growth. Get your most important pages indexed, target high-value keywords, and track the success of SEO campaigns.

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Improve Local SEO Strategies for Restaurants

Turn local searches into a tool for visibility. Find the keywords that bring local customers to restaurants and optimize your content around them. Climb to the top of search results for branded and non-branded keywords and attract engaged customers.

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Produce Advanced Analytics for Marketing Agencies

Develop data-driven SEO strategies for your clients using analytics and research tools. Share actionable insights with your clients and present them with clear, comprehensive reports and charts. Control multiple client portfolios and delegate access to your marketing teams.

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Bring a Competitive Edge to Content Publishers

Optimize your website and content so it’s quickly indexed and climbs to the top of search results. Research keywords to enhance your visibility online and analyze traffic growth. Check if your website is mobile-friendly and structured ideally for browsers and search engines.

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Take Control of your SEO Solutions for Enterprise Brands

Get advanced SEO tools that crawl and analyze websites with millions of URLs. Customize your SEO dashboard to monitor and improve site performance according to your needs. Enterprise brands receive one-to-one support from our dedicated account managers.

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Attract a Thriving Audience for Personal Bloggers

Grow your audience organically by improving the SEO value of your pages. ESO provides the resources to research keywords for blog article topics and analyze visitor traffic by source and over time. Audit your content for readability, SEO issues, and mobile-friendliness.

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Ensure Accessibility for B2G Data Governance & SEO

Audit your website for performance and accessibility according to accepted web standards. Check for mobile-friendliness and repair broken links that prevent users from navigating and accessing resources. Stay aware of issues with weekly crawls and regularly emailed reports.

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Provide State of the Art Services for Web Hosting

Supply ranking reports, traffic reports, and top-performing pages to build your relationship with your hosting customers. Get insights into improving speed and performance on pages and fixing code and formatting issues on pages.

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